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Af schombing

Jason Schombing (born 23 March 1963) is an American actor.

He has appeared in films and television programs such as:

  • I Still Dream of Jeannie (1991 TV)
  • Matlock (TV Series) in the two part 1992 episode "The Assassination" as Dave Peter's Roommate
  • Likely Suspects (TV Series) as Det. Harry Spinoza
  • The X-Files (TV Series) in the 1994 episode "Lazarus" as Dupre
  • Timecop (1994) as Atwood
  • The Commish (TV Series) as Ronnie Lopez
  • Invasion (1997 TV Mini-series) as the Assistant Detective
  • Diagnosis Murder (TV Series) in the 1998 episode "First Do No Harm" as Melvin Pinter
  • The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (TV Series) in the 1998 episode "Death Wish" as Royal Boyd
  • Stargate SG-1 (TV Series) as Dr. Robert Rothman
  • Breaking News (TV Series) as Melvin Peltz
  • Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company' (2003 TV) as Jeff Kline
  • Just Cause (TV Series) as Dave Kaplan
  • Fantastic Four (2005) as Bridge Businessman
  • The Dead Zone (TV Series) in the 2006 episode "The Hunting Party" as Marshall Frost
  • Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Diff'rent Strokes' (2006 TV)
  • The Godfather (Video Games) as Marty Malone
  • Intelligence (TV Series) as Vic Morvallo
  • Shades of Black: The Conrad Black Story (2006 TV) as David Radler
  • The L Word (TV Series) as Joe
  • Tin Man (2007 TV Miniseries) as Demilo
  • Smallville (TV Series) in the 2009 episode "Bulletproof"
  • Watchmen (2009) as NY SWAT officer
  • Alice (2009 TV Miniseries) voicing Mad March
  • The A-Team (2010) as Flight Control Commander
  • Supernatural (TV Series) in the 2011 episode "My Heart Will Go On"
  • The Eleventh Victim (2012 TV) as Detective Thomas Kolker
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (TV Series) in the 2015 "Princess Spike" voicing the Manehattan Delegate
  • Arrow (TV Series) in the 2016 episode "Broken Hearts"
  • Hell on Wheels (TV Series) in the 2016 episode "Gambit"
  • Chesapeake Shores (TV Series) as Jack Martin
  • The Lost Wife of Robert Durst (2017 TV) as Joe Becerra
  • iZombie (TV Series) in the 2018 episode "Are You Ready for Some Zombies?" as Clint Hicks
  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV Series) in the 2019 episode "The Eggplant, the Witch & the Wardrobe"


Schombing played Ramone Jones in The New Addams Family episode "Keeping Up With the Joneses".