Itt's Over
Series The Addams Family (animated 1992)
Season 1
Original Airdate November 14, 1992
Story by Earl Kress and Bill Matheny
Teleplay by Earl Kress
Story Editors Bill Matheny


Uncle Fester suddenly grows hair on his head that is too tough for barber tools to remove. The other family members try various ways to remove the hair, but fail. Fester brews a hair removal formula that seemingly makes Cousin Itt disappear. Norman Normanmeyer sees this on his FesterCam and has Fester arrested for the murder of Cousin Itt. Wednesday tries the supposed hair-removal formula on Pugsley, but it doesn't work. While Uncle Fester deals with his tough inmates, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Thing track Cousin Itt to a hideaway beneath a local donut shop. Gomez, Morticia, Norman, and Normina visit Fester, who is enjoying his time in jail. Just then, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Thing arrive with Cousin Itt, who actually had to leave for an important hair appointment at the last minute. Fester is released from prison and he thanks Cousin Itt. Norman is stopped by a police officer who asks him if he actually witnessed the crime. Norman is thrown in jail for lying to the police and ends up at the mercy of the inmates. Back at the Addams House, Uncle Fester loses his hair from all his worrying about Itt and The Addams Family celebrates this.


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Family Dances

  • The Burning Couch
  • The Saliva Waltz

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