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Isobel Dunbar
Dunbar 06
Name: Isobel Dunbar
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Portrayer Jill Andre

Isobel Dunbar is a teacher of Pugsley Addams.

Pugsley developed a crush on Miss Dunbar and copied one of his father's old love letters to send to her. When Miss Dunbar visited the Addams mansion and learned the letter was actually written by Gomez, she assumed Mr. Addams was in love with her instead of Pugsley. Morticia encouraged Gomez to pretend to love Miss Dunbar so that she could catch them and act spurned.

When Mr. Jennings, the principal at Miss Dunbar's school arrived at the Addams house, he became attracted to Miss Dunbar now that she had let her hair down and taken off her glasses. Having long had a crush on Mr. Jennings, Miss Dunbar was happy to reciprocate his affections. Some time later, Miss Dunbar sent the Addams Family a postcard in which she indicated she was completely over her crush on Gomez. Meanwhile, Pugsley had turned his attention to the new teacher who had replaced Dunbar and was about to post a letter to her.[1]


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