Ichabod is a living tree that lives next to the mansion.


Ichabod is first mentioned by Morticia, who tells Lurch to have Ichabod to wake the children. This involves Ichabod grabbing Wednesday and Pugsley from their bedrooms, although he throws Pugsley back through a window when Wednesday wishes something would lighten up this tedious day. Although it doesn't work, Wednesday thanks Ichabod for trying.

Later that day, Ichabod catches a red balloon that floats in from Assimilation when Wednesday plans to bury Pugsley alive. When Margaux Needler brings her daughter and her film crew to the Addams' mansion, Parker is left outside and looks at her cell phone. Ichabod grabs it and gives it to Wednesday to look at it, Ichabod lifts up Parker to talk to Wednesday.

When Morticia forbids Wednesday from leaving the house, she decides to run away from home. Ichabod helps her by carrying her to the gate, but she stops by Pugsley's room to tell him she is running away when he spots her.

However, she returns home when Margaux gets the citizens of Assimilation to attack the Addams' mansion. She has Ichabod stop the house from falling on the Addams and the Frumps, she then tells Ichabod to let down his branches so everyone can escape. After everyone is safely out of the mansion, Wednesday and Ichabod brings the family to the front yard in front of Margaux and her mob.


The film:


  • Ichabod is Wednesday's only friend, until she meets Parker.

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