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"Faulkner describes Hydes as artists by nature, but equally vindictive in temperament."
-Wednesday Addams reading from Nathaniel Faulkner's diary[src]

Hydes are a mutated species of Outcasts that appear in the Netflix series Wednesday.


They were banned from Nevermore Academy around thirty years before the events of the first season due to unspecified reasons.

Hydes lay dormant inside certain people until they are "unleashed by a traumatic event or unlocked through chemical inducement or hypnosis." They form strong bonds with their liberators, whom they see as their masters.


Hydes are seen as one of the most dangerous and powerful outcasts. They are tall, have sharp teeth, and have long, lethal claws that can tear through flesh easily.

Personality / Mentality[]

Aggression toward all people and hunting outcasts and people. Some hydes leave their victims ripped to pieces and scattered across an area.


Hydes are mostly carnivorous in their hyde form.


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Powers and Weaknesses[]


  • Transformation: Once unlocked by their masters, Hydes gain the ability to transform into a monster with long claws, fanged teeth, and immense strength, mobility, and resilience. Once transformed, all Hydes are similar in appearance, as shown when Wednesday Addams looks them up in Nathaniel Faulkner's diary. Inside the diary, the description and picture of a Hyde from many years ago have a monster form that is eerily similar to the form that Tyler Galpin takes on when he transforms.


  • Mind Control: The first person to unlock a Hyde's true nature would make that hyde their slave.


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  • The name Hyde comes from the monstrous character in Robert Louis Stevenson’s horror classic book The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
  • Hydes are similar in nature to kanimas in Teen Wolf in the sense that both transform into monster-like creatures and are loyal to a master.
  • Tim Burton designed Tyler’s hyde form, as evidenced by the look of their eyes.

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