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Henry Courtney is an acquaintance of the Addams Family. He is the husband of Eleanor Courtney and the father of Robespierre.


Henry was very skeptical when his wife Eleanor wanted to visit the Addams family after young Wednesday became infatuated with the Courtney's son Robespierre. Henry knew that Eleanor only wanted to meet the prominent socialite Abigail Quincy Adams and get their name in the society column.[1]

Upon the Courtney family's arrival at the Addams Family Mansion, Lurch took Henry's hat, and Gomez Addams introduced himself and his wife. Wednesday, who had received instructions on how to impress a boy from nearly all the other family members, threw love dust (acquired from Grandmama) into Robespierre's face. The boy then reluctantly agreed to go play with the trains, and his parents were instructed to sit down in the Addams' love seat. Cousin Itt was called down from his place in the fireplace to meet the Courtneys. Then Uncle Fester arrived, wearing a large clamp on his head to cure one of his headaches. When Eleanor Courtney mentioned they had always admired Abigail Adams, Gomez, Morticia, Fester, and Itt, they were all shocked and excused themselves.

Fester suspected that the pens Henry was wearing in his jacket pocket actually contained hidden microphones. He took one to test it out and managed to spray all of the ink on Eleanor's outfit (and a few drops on her chin). Morticia promised to clean the dress, even though she felt it looked better in a darker shade. Uncle Fester then grabbed Henry's remaining pens and snapped them in two, still looking for hidden microphones.

Gomez decided to win their visitors over with a demonstration of his financial wizardry. Henry wanted to fetch Robespierre and leave, but he was intercepted by Lurch and carried back into the living room. Morticia instructed Lurch to put Mr. Courtney in the good chair. Gomez called his broker, Blucher, and told him to buy one thousand shares of Consolidated Lint and charge them to Henry Courtney, despite Henry's objections. When Morticia told Gomez she felt Henry wasn't happy with Consolidated Lint, he quickly called Blucher again and changed Henry's stock to a thousand shares in National Dust. Henry became increasingly worried about his finances, but Gomez offered to take all the stock off his hands to help him out.

Eleanor once again indicated she wanted to meet "Old Mrs. Adams", but was told to wait until Grandmama finished wrestling the alligator. When Grandmama arrived, having defeated the alligator, Eleanor noticed that she certainly photographed differently. Henry asked if this was Abigail Adams, to which Morticia replied that they would never allow Abigail in the house. Henry found this very amusing and started laughing at his wife, who called for Robespierre to leave immediately. Lurch was summoned to return Henry's (somewhat crumpled-up) hat.

Robespierre entered the living room with a piece of train track tied around his neck. He explained that Wednesday made him blow up a train before she tried to put him under a guillotine. Before leaving, Eleanor promised that her husband would write a letter to the paper about this. But Henry disputed this, as all of his pens had been broken by Uncle Fester.[2]




He was almost constantly annoyed by his wife and contemplated getting a divorce.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a human, Henry does not have supernatural powers or abilities.






Appears In[]

The Original Addams Family Series

Season Two




  • The interior set for the Courtney house is the same set that was used for the Post house in the 1961 sitcom "Mister Ed".

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