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"There's the Harvest Festival this weekend. Attendance is mandatory."
-Wednesday Addams to Tyler Galpin[src]

The Harvest Festival is a festival that all outcasts have to attend.


The first festival was held in 1948.


The harvest festival takes place in October after Wednesday completes her first week at Nevermore Academy. Nevermore's students are required to attend the festival. At the festival, Wednesday plays darts to win a panda. After winning the panda, she pays the person working the booth to give the panda to Larissa Weems.

After Larissa is distracted, Wednesday sneaks away to Tyler so that he can drive her to the train station. Wednesday and Tyler's plan is put on hold when Lucas, Jonah, and Carter confront them with baseball bats. As Wednesday and Tyler run away from them, Wednesday bumps into Rowan and has a vision of him dying. Determined to stop this event from happening, Wednesday abandons her escape plan and chases after Rowan down a lit path leading away from the main festival.

When she confronts Rowan, Rowan uses his telekinesis to throw and hold her against a tree, saying that it is his destiny to kill her. He shows her a picture, saying his mother drew it when she was a student at Nevermore Academy. This picture shows a blonde Wednesday standing near a burning Nevermore. As Rowan begins to choke Wednesday, a monster comes and knocks him down, leading to him dropping Wednesday from the tree. After the monster knocks Rowan down, it begins to disembowel him, and then it runs away after Rowan is dead. Wednesday grabs the picture that Rowan showed her.

The next day, she tells the sheriff that she ran into Bianca after the incident and tells her to get help. She also told the sheriff that the next thing she remembered was waking up in her dorm.


The harvest festival is brightly lit, with string lights lining every booth and attraction.


Jericho Citizens[]

Nevermore Academy staff and students[]

All students were required to attend. These are the students that were seen.


Darts Booth[]

Those who attend the festival are able to throw darts at red balloons, and if they succeed in popping a set amount of balloons, they win a panda.


  • Ticket Booths
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Donut Stand
  • Merry-go-round
  • Swings
  • Dart Booth


"But to be honest, after your performance at the Harvest Festival, drama club might be more your speed."
-Bianca Barclay to Wednesday Addams[src]


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  • Although all students from Nevermore were said to be in attendance, very few appeared on screen.

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