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Harold Pomeroy is the snobbish son of Cecil B. Pomeroy. He claims that his family is better than The Addams Family.

When Wednesday and Pugsley go to the Pomeroy house for a birthday party, Pugsley brings a gift for him: a tarantula in a black box. However, during the party, an, as Lurch puts it, 'altercation' occurs where Harold claims that his family is better than the Addamses. This causes Wednesday to punch Harold in the eye, getting them sent home early.

While he does not seem as disturbed by the family as his father does, he is continuously tortured by Wednesday and Pugsley's 'playtime' involving Pugsley's jaguar Fang and the torture devices in the Play Room.


  • 'Pegleg' Pomeroy, the Scourge of Denver
  • Erwin Pomeroy, the Hanging Judge
  • Abersham Pomeroy, the Bluebeard of Boston


The Addams Family original series episode:


He was played by Kim Tyler.

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