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Halloween with the New Addams Family is a television special that reunited most of the cast of the original series.


Gomez's brother, Pancho Addams, stays with the family for Halloween while Gomez attends a Snake Lodge meeting in Tombstone, Arizona. Pancho tells Pugsley Jr. and Wednesday Jr. the legend of Cousin Shy, a shy spirit who carves pumpkins and distributes gifts on Halloween. Gomez worries that Pancho will take his place as father and husband before he returns the next night, but he waves goodbye to Morticia and Kitty Kat and departs. Meanwhile, a trio of crooks are spying on the family with cameras placed throughout the mansion. They arranged Gomez' absence to gain easier entrance and sent Mikey Grimm in posing as a tax assessor.

Wednesday Sr. returns home from Music Academy, and Dr. Pugsley Sr. Addams returns from Nairobi Medical School. After enduring all sorts of ookiness in the cemetery and playroom, Mikey is on the verge of a breakdown. Dr. Addams tries to help with a chant, causing Mikey to flee. Gomez returns home early to find the family trimming the Halloween scarecrow without him, but Cousin Itt reassures him and tells him to think of the children and Halloween. He helps them finish the trimming, and then they welcome Ophelia and other guests for a masquerade party. The other crooks, "Bones" Lafferty and Louie "the Lard," and their bodyguards pose as John Quincy Addams and family to join the party while sending lookalikes of Gomez and Morticia in through the back. A number of mistaken identities and incidents later, the bodyguards and look-alikes fled the ookiness too. When the police arrive because of a noise complaint, Bones and Louie confess and beg to be taken away.

Cast and Characters[]

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Animal Supervisor[]

  • Ralph Helfer - Animal Supervisor: Gentle Jungle (us) (uncredited)

Animal Trainers[]

  • Barbara Gaddy-Edrington - Animal Trainer: Lion (uncredited)
  • Donna Martin - Animal Trainer: Lion (uncredited)
  • Gayle Phelps - Animal Trainer: Lion (uncredited)
  • Jackie Martin - Animal Trainer: Lion (uncredited)
  • John Compolongo - Animal Trainer: Lion (uncredited)
  • Juanita Inn - Animal Trainer: Lion (uncredited)
  • Madeleine Klein - Animal Trainer: Lion (uncredited)
  • Ron Oxley - Animal Trainer: Lion (uncredited)
  • Steve Martin - Animal Trainer: Lion (uncredited)
  • Toni Helfer - Animal Trainer: Lion (uncredited)

Art Department[]

  • C. Randall Berkeley (credited as Randall 'Ted' Berkeley) - Property Master

Art Direction by[]

  • Bill Ross

Assistant to the Director[]

  • Lynn Tanke

Casting by[]

  • Caro Jones

Cinematography by[]

  • Jacques R. Marquette - Director of Photography

Costume and Wardrobe Department[]

  • Vou Lee Giokaris - Costume Supervisor

Costume Design by[]

  • James Kessler (credited as Jim Kessler)

Directed by[]

Editing by[]

  • Ken Baker

Makeup Department[]

  • Helen Grizuk - Hairdresser
  • Carol L. Dary - Makeup Artist

Music by[]

Music Department[]

Produced by[]

  • Paul Pieratt - Associate Producer
  • Charles W. Fries - Executive Producer
  • David Levy - Producer

Production Assistant[]

  • Joseph J. Kontra (credited as Joseph John Kontra)

Production Coordinator[]

  • Linda Sohy

Production Management[]

  • Malcolm Stuart - Executive in Charge of Production
  • Linda Sohy - Production Manager
  • William P. Owens - Production Manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director[]

  • Peter Barth - Associate Director

Set Decoration by[]

  • Edward M. Parker (credited as Edward Parker)

Sound Department[]

  • Jack Tossman - Audio

Special Effects by[]

  • William H. Schirmer - Pyrotechnician
  • Robbie Knott - Special Effects Coordinator

Stage Managers[]

  • David Wader
  • Paul Pieratt Jr.

Technical Director[]

  • Jim Swick

Technical Operations Supervisor[]

  • James Fred Donelson (credited as Fred Donelson)

Writing Credits[]


"We get the weirdest people in here."
-Uncle Fester


  • Since the television show, Gomez and Morticia Addams have had two more children, named Pugsley Jr. Addams and Wednesday Jr. Addams, who are lookalikes of their older siblings, Pugsley Addams and Wednesday Addams.
  • Morticia recalls their honeymoon in that heavenly place, Death Valley.
  • The family motto is "You must never bury anybody without leaving a marker."
  • The scene where Lafferty asks Mikey to go into the Addams house is a spoof of a Life Cereal commercial.
  • When Thing hands Mikey his hat, he uses his left hand instead of his usual right.
  • Pugsley Sr. has a tattoo of Doctor Mbogo, though he calls him Doctor Mgumbo.

Artifacts shown[]

Ooky Food[]

  • Hopping Eggs
  • Molten Eye of Newt Pudding
  • Whale Ribs
  • Salamander Cake

Theme Song[]

  • The theme song is a reworked instrumental version of the theme from the original series. A new song, "A Merry, Shh, Creepy Hallowe'en", is sung throughout the show.

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