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"Who let you out? You goddamn weirdo."
-Grumpy Farmer to Wednesday Addams after she bumped into him

The Grumpy Farmer is an apple farmer (orchardist) who broke his neck in a car accident.

He appears in the Netflix TV series Wednesday.


He is first seen in "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe" talking to two people near his truck while holding a crate of apples. After Wednesday slides down the downspout, she knocks into his shoulder. This causes him to drop a bunch of apples from the crate he was holding. As he was picking up the apples, Wednesday had a vision. In this vision, he is not paying full attention to the road and instead is on his phone. This causes him to not see an oncoming car, causing him to crash. In the crash, he breaks his neck, killing him. The farmer, irritated by Wednesday's actions, makes a snide remark about her being a "weirdo". Wednesday walks away, and he continues to load apples into the back of his truck.

While Principal Weems was driving Wednesday back to Nevermore Academy, they saw an accident on the side of the road. A policewoman directed them to where they could pass the accident as the man who crashed into the driver stood on the side of the road. Wednesday tells Weems that the driver is dead. Larissa, confused, asked her how she could tell from their angle.

The farmer was briefly mentioned by Larissa in "Chapter II: Woe Is the Loneliest Number" when she told Wednesday how she knew she was having psychic visions.


He is seen wearing a gray hat that covers his graying hair and shields his blue eyes from the sun. For his outfit, he is wearing a blue jean jacket on top of a button-up shirt.


He is kind towards normies, as seen when chatting with the locals. He views outcasts in a negative light, as shown by how he addressed Wednesday.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


Grumpy farmer is a normie and does not have powers.


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"I realized you might be having them when we passed by the accident and you knew that poor farmer had broken his neck."
-Larissa Weems to Wednesday[src]


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Wednesday Series

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Wednesday Series


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  • In the original script, the Farmer is in his 50s. [1]

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