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"When the blazing sun has turned to mud, And the moon lies dead in a pool of blood, And the tom-tom beat of eternity starts, Whom will I love in my heart of hearts? Morticia."
-Gomez writing a love poem to Morticia

Green-Eyed Gomez is the eighth episode of the first season of the original series of The Addams Family. It first aired 6 November 1964 on ABC.


When Lionel Barker, Morticia's ex-boyfriend, visits the Addams family, Gomez is filled with jealousy and throws a fit.

Plot Summary[]

Morticia invites her childhood friend Lionel Barker to stay in the Guest Room. Gomez is jealous of him, but he's actually a con man working with his partner Charlie to fleece the family. Gomez tries to drive him out by making him comfortable, and when that doesn't work, he decides that jealousy can work both ways. He hires a maid, Mildred, in an effort to make Morticia jealous, but the maid just drives Gomez crazy. When Gomez tries to make her more assertive, Morticia becomes jealous. Gomez decides he wants to make Morticia happy by killing himself to free her to marry Lionel. All his efforts fail, however. Lurch gets Gomez and Morticia back together by playing their favorite dance, and everything is resolved. Lionel turns his attention to Mildred when he learns that she has become wealthy after investing in the stock market. Mildred and Lionel elope, and Gomez and Morticia are elated.

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There is no uncredited cast.

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  • Hubert
  • Henry
  • Queenie


"Morticia Addams: Lionel, how good to see you.
Lionel Barker: You haven't changed a bit!
Gomez Addams: Except that she's married now."
-Morticia, Lionel, and Gomez


  • Despite Ken Weatherwax and Lisa Loring being credited, they only appear in the opening and the credits. Blossom Rock appears in the opening, in the credits, and in a picture on the wall.
  • The music that Lurch plays to soothe Gomez and Morticia at Festers urging is called "The Anxiety Tango," according to the album Original Music from The Addams Family.


  • When Gomez asks Uncle Fester to shoot him and Uncle Fester opens the drawer to take a gun, there are many things in the drawer. When Fester opens the drawer for the second time, it only has another gun in it.

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