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Not to be confused with Grandmama

"This is my favorite picture of you when you were so young and beautiful". "Were? I still am!" "Oh sure, but now it's in the inside." "Inside? Well I'm gonna put it on the outside!"
-Wednesday talking to Hester on her birthday

Granny Frump, or known by her first name(s), Hester or Griselda, is a relative of The Addams Family.

She is the mother of Morticia Addams and Ophelia Frump, mother-in-law to Gomez Addams, and maternal grandmother of Pugsley Addams, Wednesday Addams, and Pubert Addams.


Granny was the daughter of Grandpa Droop.[citation needed] She was also a witch and at some point attended the same school, Swamptown High, as Grandmama did, where she was an awkward-looking young girl with a headband. She was considered a great beauty among the Addams clan, though in her later years, her beauty was said to only be on the inside now.

Her other classmate, Uncle Fester, who described her as an outdoors type of person, shot the arrow and the gun that brought her and her husband, Grandpa Frump, together. She had two children: the cheerful, blonde-haired Ophelia Frump and the gloomy, black-haired Morticia Addams.

Morticia was a rebellious child. When she was 10 years old, she wanted to go to work, run out and play in the snow when she had pneumonia, and run away from home to join the girl scouts, but her parents never stopped her. Granny said that Morticia always wanted to see the world, find herself, and serve time, but both Granny and Grandpa Frump, despite worrying she would be on a bad path, knew that she'd come back.

Morticia initially refused to go to school because of her antisocial tendencies, and so Granny had to teach her everything from math and science to organic poisoning, and as a result, she aced her SATs and post-mortems. However, Granny has a tendency to favor Ophelia over Morticia and slightly neglects the latter or passively agrees to whatever she does despite the consequences. Grandpa passed away at one point, leaving Granny to raise her two daughters by herself.

Grandmama and Granny had decided to marry Gomez with Ophelia Frump, much to the former's horror. Granny was highly enthusiastic about the marriage since she favored Ophelia over Morticia. She initially planned to marry Morticia to Vlad Addams, Gomez's player cousin, after she had married off her daughter Ophelia to Gomez. When Vlad choked on the toothpick, she focused solely on Ophelia and Gomez's marriage.

When the wedding was commenced after the funeral of Vlad, Cousin Itt, who had been introduced to Ophelia by Gomez and Fester before as a romantic distraction, stopped the wedding, and Ophelia ran off with him. The minister says that he has to be paid whether the wedding goes on or not, to which Gomez replies that there will be a wedding. He proposes to Morticia and gets married. Granny asked Morticia if she really wanted to marry Gomez and if she was prepared to face the nasty things that may come.

Around 13 years later, during her birthday, she dislikes the idea that she is getting older (and the fact that she thought she was going to be sent to a home for the aged, while Gomez and Morticia actually wanted to send her to a beauty farm). Fester thinks that's a good idea (sending her to a home for the elderly), but reluctantly suggests that she should make herself too useful to be sent away. Granny tries hard, but she overdoes it and upsets Lurch by stealing his chores.

Wednesday tries to cheer her up by suggesting she act young. Granny over does that, too, dressing and acting like a child. Gomez and Morticia think she's cracked up and call in Dr. Jonley to examine her. Fester discovers the truth and explains it to Granny, who then mistakes Jonley for the beautician and insists on being taken away. She enjoys the mental hospital for a while, but leaves when they won't give her a permanent.

Another 13 years later, she's found a 'Broom and Fly' recipe book and plans to fly on Halloween. Lady Fingers helps her brew it in the kitchen. She sulks in her bedroom when her cauldron blows up, leaving the kitchen for Grandmama to prepare for the Halloween feast. She blows it up again and upsets Grandmama: "That's my kitchen, not an airport." She succeeds, but the broom's powers fade, and she falls down into Lurch's net, who thinks she is a pterodactyl.

The Original Addams Family Series[]

She was played by Margaret Hamilton, best known as Almira Gulch, the Wicked Witch of the West, in 1939's The Wizard of Oz.

The New Scooby-Doo Movies[]

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The Addams Family (animated 1973)[]

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Halloween with the New Addams Family[]

She was played by Elvia Allman.

The Addams Family (1991)[]

She fills the role of Grandmama and was played by Judith Malina.

The Addams Family (1992)[]

She is voiced by Carol Channing.

Addams Family Values[]

She fills the role of Grandmama and was played by Carol Kane.

Addams Family Reunion[]

The individual that appeared in this iteration is named Esmeralda. She stayed at the The Addams Family Mansion while the Addams family went to the reunion.

The New Addams Family Series[]

She was played by Meredith Bain Woodward.

The Addams Family: A New Musical[]

In The Addams Family: A New Musical, music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice (2010-11), both Morticia and Gomez admit that they thought the 102 year-old Grandma was the mother of the other. This confusion leads to Grandma admitting that she can’t remember whose mother she actually is. Played on Broadway (2010-11) by Jackie Hoffman.

The Addams Family (2019)[]

Her urn was shown in the beginning of the movie.


In The Addams Family (TV Series), Hester was a brunette old woman (looking slightly younger than Grandmama) with a large nose and her hair tied into a neat bun. She dressed in various frumpy clothing (hence her last name, Frump) and would wear an occasional hat. Gomez and Morticia told the children that she's still beautiful now, but only on the inside (while showing them an x-ray of Hester's head).

In Halloween with the New Addams Family, her appearance was quite similar to her 1964 counterpart. But this time, she wore an orange apron as she was brewing a 'Broom and Fly' spell so she could fly on Halloween.

In The Addams Family (1991), she looks more like the original series version of Grandmama, who is deceased.

In The New Addams Family, her appearance was turned 180 degrees. Griselda, as she was called by Grandmama, was a tall, blonde, middle-aged eccentric with messy, teased hair who dressed in a variety of lumpy knee-length dresses adorned with fur and feather trim.


In The Addams Family (TV Series), Hester was a brash, stern-looking woman who commented on everything. She showed quite a bit of negligence towards Morticia and favored her older sister, Ophelia. She was shown to be quite friendly with Grandmama, her high school friend, during the preparation days of Gomez and Ophelia's arranged marriage, but in later years, Grandmama couldn't stand her, especially when she was brewing potions in her kitchen.

In The Addams Family (1991), she appeared as a loving (but quite comically insane) maternal grandmother to the Addams children. She loves to play tricks and guide the family with her knowledge and wisdom. She was played by Judith Malina.

In Addams Family Values, she still appears as a comically insane old woman. She guides the family when there's trouble, such as when Pubert turned into a "normal" child. Played by actress Carol Kane.

In the 1998 movie Addams Family Reunion, when the Addams family is invited to a family reunion (which goes horribly wrong), she stays in the mansion with Cousin Itt, playing cards. She lets the Adams family stay while the rain clears outside. She also appears as a magic-loving witch.

In The New Addams Family, she gained a much more outgoing and colorful personality, though her brashness remains. What was a prudish, old-fashioned Frump turned into an eccentric lady with a penchant for significantly odder things that her 1964 counterpart showed no liking for in the least bit. She had a terrifying laugh that echoed throughout the house and was shown to have at least parts of both Morticia's and Ophelia's personalities, being eccentric yet particularly normal.

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The Original Addams Family Series

The New Addams Family Series

The New Scooby-Doo Movies

The Addams Family (animated 1973)

The Addams Family (animated 1992)

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