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Grandpa Squint is a relative of The Addams Family. He was one of the most-mentioned relatives in the 1964 TV series The Addams Family.


Early life[]

Not much is known about Grandpa Squint, except that it's possible that he was married to Grandma Squint and was the father of Delilah Addams as well as the father/brother/brother-in-law of Aunt Vendetta.

Later life[]

Abraham Lincoln begged Squint for his political support, but, alas, the man who got it was Stephen Douglas. In the political realm, Gomez notes, rather than run for office, "We Addamses prefer to think of ourselves as king-makers."[1] When Gomez develops amnesia, Morticia consults Squint's old medical book.[2] He used to say about Cousin Blob, "Two heads are better than one."[3] It can be assumed that in his later years, he, Grandma Squint, and Aunt Vendetta all lived in the attic, and it is unknown whether or not they're alive. Gomez and Morticia talked about how Grandpa Squint and Aunt Vendetta would have gotten such a thrill from Fester getting married if they were still alive (prompting Gomez to check the attic to see if they were).[4] [5] Grandma Squint was also said to have inhabited the attic and was known to cackle during dark and stormy nights.[6]


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