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"You are the key."
-Goody Addams to Wednesday Addams

Goody Addams is a pivotal character in the first season of Wednesday. She is Wednesday Addams's ancestor from the 1600s, one of the original outcasts, and the founder of the Nightshade Society.

Goody was an outcast endowed with prophetic visions and witchcraft. After the sadistic and genocidal pilgrim Joseph Crackstone killed several outcasts, including her mother, Goody then devoted herself fully to her revenge against Crackstone.

She appears in the Netflix TV show Wednesday (2022).


During the 1600s, Goody and her mother lived in Jericho, Vermont, and were of Mexican descent, having lived among the native folk for a long time. In 1625, when Goody was accused of witchcraft by Joseph Crackstone, the founder of the town, he locked her and her mother, along with several outcasts, in the meeting house and burned them alive, but Goody fortunately escaped through the hatch in the chimney. Shortly after that, Goody eventually killed Crackstone, cursed his soul, and sealed him in a coffin with a blood lock. He could only be revived on a blood moon, and that blood lock could only be broken by one of her direct descendants. According to Morticia, due to her obsession with revenge, Goody "went too far" in her quest, causing her to be unable to save herself.

At some point during the 1600s, Goody founded a secret society named the Nightshade Society, where the members used to fight and bring peace to every outcast so they could be considered equals with normies.

Goody often appears in the visions of her descendant, Wednesday, to help guide her and provide knowledge regarding her future. She assisted Wednesday in defeating Crackstone by healing her after she was stabbed by Crackstone (who was brought back to life by his descendant, Laurel Gates). She also informed Wednesday that she would not be able to see her anymore after this.


Goody shares a similar appearance to her descendant, Wednesday. Her hair is dirty blonde, and she wears pigtails that hover several inches above her hips. Her bangs tend to be tucked into her hair. Goody is seen wearing pale blue corsets and dresses that cover or reach her feet. During the Poe Cup, she wore a white corset with four bows on her chest and a long skirt. In two of Wednesday's visions, Goody is equipped with a small dagger, which she uses to cut Joseph Crackstone across his face, and a book of spells.


She is fierce and helps Wednesday. She has a strong taste for revenge, as shown when she kills Joseph Crackstone for burning her mother and a hundred outcasts. However, according to Morticia, Goody let her thirst for vengeance consume her to the point that she couldn't even save herself.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Cursing: As a witch/sorceress, Goody was able to lay a curse on Crackstone's soul in order to help prevent his resurrection in the future.
  • Healing (as a spirit): She healed Wednesday's serious injuries.
  • Necromancy: The Book of Shadows left by her contained a ritual to bring one back to life as a zombie.
  • Psychic Visions: It is hinted that Goody possessed psychic powers similar to Wednesday's, as she stated that her descendant was a raven in her bloodline.
  • Witchcraft: Morticia described her as "a witch of great strength," indicating Goody was considered highly knowledgeable in this art, both among outcasts and normies.


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Her Mother[]

Goody seemed to be close to her mother. When Joseph Crackstone locks them in a barn to set them on fire, Goody, who is the only one that is not chained to the floor, attempts to save her mother, but she begs Goody to escape and avenge them. Goody therefore decides to escape from the barn through the hatch in the chimney, although with some reluctance. Goody later killed Crackstone as revenge for killing her mother.

Wednesday Addams[]

Initially, Goody appears to Wednesday in prophetic visions showing her the past. Goody often guides her descendant through Jericho's mysteries by showing her the Gates family mansion in a vision. However, Wednesday is annoyed by Goody, who obviously never appears when she needs her. But in a new vision, and after she learns who Crackstone really was, Wednesday decides to blow up the Crackstone fountain inaugurated by Noble Walker and Larissa Weems during Outreach Day. Later, after Marilyn Thornhill resurrected Crackstone and he stabbed Wednesday, Goody appears, telling her what to do to defeat Crackstone. A sarcastic Wednesday points out to her that she is dying. Goody explains to her that the talisman given to Wednesday by Morticia has very powerful magical powers. She can heal on Wednesday but will then disappear forever. Wednesday therefore accepts the sacrifice of her ancestor, whom she seems to respect for this as well as for her magical powers.

Joseph Crackstone[]

"I am innocent. It is you, Joseph Crackstone, that should be tried. We were here before you, living in harmony with nature and the native folk. But you have stolen our land. You have slaughtered the innocent. You have robbed us of our peaceful spirit. You are the true monster. All of you!"
-Goody Addams calling Joseph Crackstone and his fellow pilgrims out on their actions against the outcasts[src]

Goody and Joseph Crackstone hate each other. Crackstone burned hundreds of outcasts, including Goody's mother, so Goody killed Crackstone for revenge. She had also injured Crackstone in the face. At his resurrection, Crackstone's hatred for Goody persists, so much so that he confuses Wednesday with Goody and absolutely wants to kill her as a priority.


"He won’t stop until he’s killed us all!"
-Goody Addams warning Wednesday about Crackstone[src]


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Wednesday Series

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Wednesday Series


  • Goody meant "good wife". It was also an archaic way of addressing a married woman, therefore possibly suggesting that 'goody' might have only been an honorific like 'miss', and her name not being Goody at all. It would, however, have been an anachronism to address a teenage girl as "Goody" since this term was normally reserved for a married woman and, further, it was normally a term used to address a mature married woman.
  • Addams means son of Adam or man of the red earth.


  • Goody, who is also portrayed by Jenna Ortega, is shown with pigtails, just like her descendant Wednesday.
    • Like Wednesday, Goody is also a raven.
  • In Chapter V: You Reap What You Woe, it is revealed that Goody is the founder of the Nightshade Society.
    • According to Morticia, the Nightshades are Goody's secret, but deadly, answer to Crackstone's oppression.
  • It is unknown how Goody died after she escaped and killed Crackstone.

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  1. Wednesday mentioned her grandmother, and since Grandmama is Gomez's mother, she is related to Goody.
  2. Wednesday mentions an uncle who went to prison for eating girl scouts, implying that he is Uncle Fester.