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Gomez, the Reluctant Lover, is the tenth episode of the second season of the original series of The Addams Family and the forty-fourth overall episode of the series. It first aired the 19th of November 1965 on ABC.


Pugsley Addams is all melancholic, lying quietly on the bed of nails in the play room, not eating. When asked why, he sighs because he's in love with his teacher, Miss Dunbar. Gomez tries to cheer him up by buying him a pneumatic drill, but Pugsley already has one. After she has tucked him in bed for the night, Morticia reenters Pugsley's Room to find him trying to write a love letter. She disapproves of his style, and is about to read him one of Gomez' old letters to her, but thinks better of it. She accidentally drops it as she leaves, so he copies it. He then sends the love letter to his teacher. Miss Dunbar is horrified and goes to The Addams Family Mansion to discuss it with Pugsley's father. He dismounts the trampoline, and she begins to read it to him. Naturally, Gomez knows the letter by heart and begins to recite it, so she thinks he sent it. The shy and mousey Miss Dunbar is charmed and attracted to Gomez and attacks him. Gomez tries to put her off, without success. Morticia sees but feels for Miss Dunbar and tells Gomez to lead her on. Uncle Fester slides down the fireman's pole and sees him in a compromising position with Miss Dunbar and ends up telling him, "I don't know about you, but I come from a long line of stool-pigeons. Morticia!" He tells Morticia, who explains that he's only wooing Miss Dunbar to show her she is an attractive woman who can get a man of her own. When the action gets too heavy, Morticia doesn't buy it and is about to leave him. Then the principal, Mr. Jennings, arrives to look for Miss Dunbar, and when he sees the new version, he falls for her. She then rejects a relieved Gomez, and everyone is happy again.


  • Bear is brown again in the fencing scene (likely due to recycled footage), but white in the trampoline scene.
  • Morticia has a big stack of Gomez' love letters from when they were courting, though they married very soon after they met, perhaps the same day.[1]
  • Gomez gave Morticia a boa constrictor for her last birthday.
  • Despite Blossom Rock and Lisa Loring both being credited, they only appear in the opening and closing credits.
  • It was remade for The New Addams Family episode with the same name.