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"Uncle Fester: Oh, these conventions! There're so exciting!
Grandmama: I remember the first time I voted, 1906.
Uncle Fester: Now, Mama, you know there was no women's suffrage in 1906.
Grandmama: That didn't stop me.
Uncle Fester: You're a real Addams."
-Uncle Fester and Grandmama

Gomez, the Politician is the fourth episode of the first season of the original series of The Addams Family. It first aired 9 October 1964 on ABC.


Gomez is very excited about the approaching election day and decides to support Sam Hilliard. At first, Hilliard is keen on receiving Gomez's contributions, but the Addams' suggestions soon make him wish they would stay away.

Plot Summary[]

Election day is nearing, and Gomez is getting very excited. He puts up all his old campaign posters in the Play Room. When he hangs a poster outside on his fence for Leonard G. Quimby for city council, a passerby tells him Sam L. Hilliard is running, so Gomez switches horses; that's the Addams way.

Having previously met The Addams Family, Hilliard wants no part of their support, but they insist. Uncle Fester and Lurch have written a campaign song, but when Gomez offers Kitty Kat as the campaign mascot, Mr. Hilliard runs screaming from the house yet again.

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"Oh, I do wish they wouldn't shout so. It keeps little Pugsley's octopus awake. Poor thing's getting rings under it's tentacles. And my African Strangler, too. It just loses all desire to strangle anyone."


  • Despite Ken Weatherwax and Lisa Loring being credited, they only appear in the opening and the credits.

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