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Gomez, the Cat Burglar is the twelfth episode of the second season of the original series of The Addams Family, and the forty-sixth overall episode of the series. It first aired 3 December 1965 on ABC.


After a large meal, Gomez Addams gets sleepy. That night, he sleepwalks, and when he returns doesn't wake until four in the afternoon. As Morticia feeds Cleopatra, the paperboy throws the paper through the Conservatory window. The news is filled with the story of a cat burglar on the loose. Uncle Fester hopes it isn't Kitty Kat. Gomez sleep-walks again that night, and the cat burglar strikes again. Fester stands guard, but falls asleep, and the Family is worried. Fester and Morticia find the stolen loot in the play room, and are afraid Gomez is the cat burglar sought by the police. They have to keep him from going out. Grandmama realizes that her yak stew is what's making him sleep-walk, and Morticia hypnotizes Gomez to find out why he's stealing. He's been reading about Robin Hood, and has been influenced to imitate him. Morticia wants to use hypnosis to cure him, but speaks French and he awakens. They lock him in the Play Room, but he escapes through the secret tunnel, returning at three a.m. with more loot. The others wake him and he realizes what he's been doing and is aghast. This time, though, the police have followed him. To prevent them from arresting Gomez, Morticia hypnotizes them and gets them to return the loot.


  • Gomez' father is mentioned.
  • The Wolf's Head Clock appears in this episode. The Fireman's Pole has disappeared, with the Orchestrion in its place.
  • When Gomez disguises himself as an old man, Morticia introduces him as her grandfather Alonzo Addams.
  • Despite Lisa Loring and Ken Weatherwax being credited, they only appear in the opening and closing credits.
  • It was remade for The New Addams Family episode with the same name.

Ooky Food[]

  • Yak Stew
  • Yak Gravy on Glutton Bread - "That's gluten bread." "Not the way he ate it."