Girlfriendstein - Pugsley by the Numbers - Beware of Thing
Series The Addams Family (animated 1992)
Season 1
Original Airdate October 3, 1992
Story by Girlfriendstein: Earl Kress, Bill Matheny & Lane Raichet

Pugsley by the Numbers: David Schwartz and Bill Matheny
Beware of Thing: Bill Matheny

Teleplay by

Girlfriendstein: Earl Kress
Pugsley by the Numbers: David Schwartz

Story Editor

Bill Matheny


Girlfriendstein: When he serves plain tea and cocktail wieners, The Addams Family notices that Lurch is depressed. Wednesday and Pugsley search his bedroom and find out he has recently been dumped by his girlfriend. Uncle Fester flippantly suggests building him a new girlfriend, and the family insists he do so. Lurch shows no interest in the robot, though, so Wednesday writes to his ex-girlfriend to reunite with him. Meanwhile, Cousin Itt sees the robot on the spy satellite and they run off together.

Relatives Mentioned

Ooky Food

  • Monkey-Hair Hoagie

Pugsley By The Numbers: Pugsley keeps destroying Wednesday's paintings so she uses her mother's "living" paints to create an improved Pugsley. Each creation she makes, a smarter Pugsley, a stronger Pugsley, and a female Puglsey, proves to be more annoying than the last. The real Pugsley, scares the alternative Pugsleys back onto the canvas, which is then eaten by a carnivorous plant. Wednesday admits that she already had the perfect brother after all.

Relatives Mentioned

Wednesday's headless doll is called Marie in this episode.

Beware Of Thing: The Spy Twins spend their day off from spying by trying to break into the Addams' safe, which is guarded by Thing. They disguise themselves as a giant female hand to seduce him. Thing thwarts their every attempt until they eventually give up and leave.


In "Girlfriendstein", a shoebox reveals Lurch's shoe size, 27QQQQ.


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