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Ghost Town
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"It reminds me of the Transylvania Hilton."
-Uncle Fester about the hotel.

Ghost Town is the tenth episode of the 1973 animated series of The Addams Family.


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Plot Summary[]

The Addams Family are vacationing in Dead Center, a ghost town. The Old Prospector says there are real ghosts trying to scare him away. A trio of crooks have discovered gold in the prospector's mine. They pose as phantoms, ghosts, and skeletons, but the family is amused, not scared. Ali, Ocho, and Mr. B scare the crooks, though, and the prospector's gold is saved.

Cast and Characters[]



There is no guest cast.

Additional Cast[]

  • Josh Albee as Voice
  • Howard Caine as Voice
  • John Carver as Voice
  • Pat Harrington Jr. as Voice
  • Bob Holt as Voice
  • Don Messick as Voice
  • Herb Vigran as Voice


There is no uncredited cast.

Other Characters[]



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"Slag: When I get these costumes wired up, they'll even scare the old lady.
Sparks: The only thing that's gonna scare that old lady is a mirror."
-Slag and Sparks


  • Pugsley says the stuffed wolf head in the abandoned hotel howls just like the bear rug at home.
  • Ocho and Ali beat Lurch at checkers.

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