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Gary Granger was married to Becky Martin-Granger. Together, they ran a summer camp called Camp Chippewa. He is very cheerful, perky, overzealous and protective, wanting Wednesday and Pugsley to be just as perky as he and Becky. His perkiness even makes him infantile sometimes, treating everyone as little kids, especially the Addams children and Joel Glicker. Gary is middle-aged.

Gary was responsible for organizing A Turkey Named Brotherhood, a Thanksgiving musical of Pocahontas with two numbers: "Eat Me", in which Pugsley is dressed as a dancing turkey and all children as Thanksgiving food, and "Pocahontas", portrayed by Wednesday with Amanda Buckman as Sarah Miller, a kind pilgrim. He hated Wednesday, Pugsley and Joel Glicker because of their dark aspect and because they are not perky, leading him to create a punishment for them in the Harmony Hut, a small cabin decorated with encouraging posters and stuffed animals. They were forced to watch several long infantile movies for kids, Bambi, Lassie Come Home, The Little Mermaid, The Brady Bunch, Annie, and The Sound of Music late into the night until they learn to be perky and cooperative. He and Becky are really determined to realize this, even singing "Kumbaya" with all Chippewas to them. The Grangers selected Wednesday as Pocahontas, knowing she was an outcast, just as several others that are being rejected. When Wednesday started changing his text to something dark and threatening, he got angry and the outcasts started unleashing chaos in the whole camp. Later, when the set was destroyed, he and Becky were tied to a rotisserie and are seen roasting over a fire.


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