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"My darling daughter, I made it, wouldn't miss this for the world."
-Gabrielle to Bianca Barclay

Gabrielle is the wife of Gideon and the mother of Bianca Barclay. Gabrielle funds her life by working with her cult for the self-help app "Morning Song," which is actually a scam. Her daughter, Bianca Barclay, left home because she wanted to dedicate herself to a good education at Nevermore Academy, no longer wishing to participate in her mother's activities.

She appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


Bianca briefly mentions her mother to Wednesday in "Chapter IV: Woe What a Night".

Gabrielle first appears in "Chapter V: You Reap What You Woe" during Parent's Weekend. Just before she appeared, Bianca was seen conversing with Xavier Thorpe, to whom she explained that she doubted her mother was coming to the school as she had never seen her once since joining the school. Almost immediately after, Gabrielle appeared and assured her that she was here to see her.

The two left Nevermore and chatted alone at a table in Weathervane about their plans, with Gabrielle mentioning that she married a person named Gideon, much to Bianca's disgruntlement, and that she wanted to bring her daughter home, among other things. Bianca rejects the idea to go with her mother, to which Gabrielle threatens to expose Bianca for sirening her way into school.

During lunch at Nevermore, Bianca and Gabrielle can be sitting at the same table as they watch Gomez being arrested.

At the end of Parent's Weekend, Bianca approaches her mother and tells her that she will come back to Morning Song at the end of the school year, and after that, she's done with both Morning Song and her mother.

Gabrielle is briefly mentioned by Bianca to Lucas Walker in "Chapter VI: Quid Pro Woe".


Gabrielle is a siren woman of Afro-Black ancestry. She has chocolate brown skin, wears her long black hair straight and loose, and has striking bright blue eyes. Gabrielle has a noticeable resemblance to her daughter, Bianca Barclay, but opposing life goals.

Gabrielle wore a yellow top and a yellow snakeskin jacket with black trousers, wearing matching eye shadow, in the first episode of her appearance.


Gabrielle does not appear to care much for her daughter. For example, when Bianca fled, she did not appear to be looking for her until her siren song faded. She also didn't care that Bianca had built a life for herself; instead, she wanted her to drop everything and come back to Morning Song, even going so far as to threaten to tell everyone that Bianca had sirened her way into Nevermore Academy.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Siren Song: As a siren, Gabrielle has the ability to use her voice to manipulate the feelings, thoughts, and actions of others. Whenever this ability is used, it appears as magenta sound waves.
  • Limited Transformation: As a siren, Gabrielle has the ability to change her legs into a long blue mermaid tail whenever she submerges herself in water. While in this form, her hands become webbed, and she grows razor-sharp claws.
  • Aquatic Breathing: As a siren, Gabrielle can breathe in both water and air and is capable of staying underwater as long as she likes.


  • Conning: As a con artist, Gabrielle uses manipulation tactics to effectively scam and blackmail people.


  • Declining Siren Song: Gabrielle's siren song is drying up, and she is losing the ability to use it.


Bianca Barclay[]

Bianca is the daughter of Gabrielle. As a teenager, Bianca left her family home to enroll and study on campus at Nevermore Academy, against her mother's wishes. Gabrielle instead wanted Bianca to stay at home and continue to contribute her siren song to the scam app, Morning Song. Though she had never attended a parent's weekend before, she finally appeared at one in episode 5.

Bianca and her mother went on to sit alone at a table, where Gabrielle told Bianca several things, including that "a siren can never change her scales," implying that there would always be people who would look down on Bianca for her species no matter how hard she tried, and also adding that people would realize her "true nature." This disapproving speech, however, failed to change Bianca's motives.

Gabrielle apparently does love her daughter. Her plans just don't fit Bianca's, and she is disappointed and disapproving that her daughter is so brazenly disobeying her, hence her attempts to gently coax her into leaving Nevermore. As the mother of a teenage daughter, Gabrielle wants to be in charge of her daughter's life, believing she knows exactly what is best for her.


Gideon is the husband of Gabrielle.


"As my dear mother always says, "Fire tests gold, suffering tests a woman.""
-Bianca Barclay to Wednesday Addams[src]

"My siren song is drying up. Recruitment numbers are down, and the wrong people are starting to ask questions. This wasn't a request."
-Gabrielle to Bianca Barclay[src]

"I'm trying not to turn into my mother. She's like the ghost of bitchiness future."
-Bianca Barclay to Lucas Walker[src]


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Wednesday Series


  • Gabrielle means God is my strength.


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