Name: Fred
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Species: Human
Spouse Melancholia (engaged)
Child(ren) None
Portrayer Hal Baylor (1964)

Fred is Morticia's Cousin Melancholia's fiance.

Melancholia thought he left her to join the Foreign Legion, since he also took back his ring and sold his farm. Morticia then introduced Melancholia to Charles P. Harvey, an attorney who works with James Ferguson. Morticia then gave Melancholia a total makeover, which then made her look like Morticia. Gomez and Morticia invited Mr. Harvey over. Though Mr. Harvey is not attracted to Melancholia, Melancholia is. Fred came looking for her and went to the Addams Family house. He then caught her kissing him, and got mad. It turns out that Fred joined the American Legion, and switched the ring to a better one. Fred punched Mr. Harvey and left with Melancholia.


The Addams Family original series episode:

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