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"Yes Francoise, she was a lovely woman, I didn't ask what she identified as."
-Larissa Weems to Wednesday Addams about Francoise Galpin

Francoise Sylvanne Galpin was the late wife of Donovan Galpin and mother to their son, Tyler Galpin. She was an outcast, and her hyde was released after her pregnancy with her son Tyler.

She appears posthumously through photographs seen in the Netflix TV show Wednesday.


Born on 12 March 1974, Francoise was a hyde, a mutated monster type of outcast that was known for their savage and volatile nature once their abilities were unlocked.

By 1990, Francoise was a student at Nevermore Academy, where it was later revealed that she was on the school fencing team alongside Morticia Frump, who served as the team captain. That same year, Francoise posed for a photograph alongside Morticia and her fencing teammates to celebrate their win of the National Champions title.[1] Larissa Weems, who also attended Nevermore during this period, remembered Francoise but was somehow unaware that she was a hyde. Weems would again state her lack of knowledge about Francoise to Wednesday Addams many years later when asked about her. Sometime in the early 1990s, hydes were officially banned from attending Nevermore.[2]

Before his death, Ansel Gates, the most outcast-hating man in all of Jericho, knew the truth about Francoise and her nature as a hyde, as he kept tabs on all the outcasts in town at the time. He would later pass this information down to his only daughter, Laurel, who in turn would use this information for her own purposes thirty years later [3].

At some point in her life, Francoise met Donovan Galpin, a normie living in Jericho. They later fell in love, got married, and had a son named Tyler together. After her pregnancy, Francoise went on to suffer from postpartum depression, which then led to her hyde being released. According to her personal medical records, her transformations as a hyde led her to be institutionalized at the Willowhill Psychiatric Hospital.

She later died at some point afterwards. Her death would have profound consequences for her family in the years to come, as Donovan would neglect and emotionally distance himself from a vulnerable Tyler, whom he feared inherited his late wife’s outcast genetics.


She is 5'5" tall and 119 pounds.


Larissa tells Wednesday that she remembered Francoise to be a lovely woman.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Transformation: Being a Hyde, Francoise can transform into a monster with long claws, fanged teeth, and immense strength, mobility, and resilience.


  • Fencing: As she was on the Nevermore fencing team during her school years, Francoise must have possessed skill in that area.


  • Mind Control: Whoever unlocks a hyde becomes its master. When that happens, the person loses their autonomy and falls under the control of their master.


Sheriff Donovan Galpin[]

Sheriff Donovan Galpin was Francoise's husband. They had a good relationship with each other because when Tyler asked his father if he had ever loved his mother, he replied, "More than you could ever know." After her death, Donavan greatly feared that his late wife’s condition as a Hyde would be passed down to their son and began emotionally distancing himself from him.

Tyler Galpin[]

Tyler Galpin is the son of Francoise and her husband, Donovan Galpin. Since Francoise was described as a very loving woman who had a good relationship with her husband, it is also very likely that she had a good relationship with her son, as Tyler tends to think about her very often and greatly misses her.

Morticia Addams[]

Morticia attended Nevermore at the same time Francoise did, and they were both part of the school’s fencing team. In 1990, they were seen in a photograph together alongside their teammates celebrating a fencing championship title.

Larissa Weems[]

Like Morticia, Larissa also attended Nevermore at the same time as Francoise, unaware of her nature as a Hyde. Weems knew Francoise long enough to know she married Donovan Galpin and had a son with him. Years later, she would remember the late Francoise as a lovely woman when pressed about her by Morticia’s daughter Wednesday.


"Donovan: Ty? What did I tell you? Come on, bud, steer clear of Wednesday Addams. She's the kind of girl who's gonna get you hurt. Believe me, I know the type.
Tyler: Is that supposed to be about Mom? Of course not. That would require you to actually talk about her.
Donovan: I can't deal with this right now. I gotta get to the hospital. I gotta check on the mayor. Be home before curfew.
Tyler: Did you even love her?
Donovan: More than you could ever know."
-Donovan Galpin and his son Tyler[src]


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Wednesday Series


  • Francoise means "from France" or free one.
  • Sylvanne means of the forest.
  • Galpin means son of Galopin.


  • In the pilot draft, Francoise was originally meant to be the coach of the Nevermore fencing team. However this idea was scrapped and she was made a student instead[4]

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