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"Are you interested in the ancient art of beekeeping?"
-Eugene Ottinger

Eugene Ottinger is a psychic student at Nevermore Academy and the son of Sue and Janet Ottinger, a close friend of Wednesday Addams. He has the power to control bees, and he is a supporting character in the Netflix series Wednesday. Eugene is one of Nevermore Academy's quirkiest students and president of the school's beekeeping club.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


Eugene becomes Wednesday's first real friend when she signs up to join his beekeeping club. This is the beginning of their friendship throughout the series.

They are paired together for the same assignment on Outreach Day, and Eugene is almost immediately picked on by a trio of pilgrims. Wednesday is the first to rush to his aid and scare the pilgrims away. After this, he helps Wednesday break into Crackstone's Museum using his retainer as a lockpick. They are discovered soon after, and both Eugene and Wednesday are sent to fudge-churning duty.

In "Woe What a Night", Eugene and Wednesday have plans to meet up at the cave they suspect belongs to the monster, only for Wednesday to cancel on him at the last minute and propose that they go together to the cave the next day. After Wednesday leaves for the Rave'N with Tyler Galpin, Eugene remembers the hive code and decides to go stake out the cave himself. At 2100 hours (9 p.m.), Eugene hears the chirp of a rare club-horned grasshopper.

At 22:42 (10:42 p.m.), as he is inspecting the bugs that he has caught, a mysterious figure drives up to the cave, gets out, and sets the cave on fire. The figure notices Eugene and shines their torch on him as he runs away. After tripping over and losing his glasses, he hears Wednesday calling his name. Before she can reach him, the monster they have been looking for attacks Eugene, rendering him unconscious and bloody. Marilyn appears after Wednesday and asks if he is alive. Eugene survives the ordeal and is put in the hospital. Later, for Parent's Day, Larissa Weems declares that Eugene is on the mend and is expected to make a full recovery.

In "Chapter VIII: A Murder of Woes", Eugene reveals that the person who blew up the hyde's cave had red boots, marking the last piece of evidence needed for Wednesday to be able to determine who the person controlling the hyde was. Later in the episode, when Wednesday is about to be shot by Thornhill, Eugene is the one who saves Wednesday. This is the first time that his powers are put on display as he controls a swarm of bees to distract and then attack Marilyn Thornhill, saving Wednesday. She then told him to turn around before she stomped Marilyn in the face.


Eugene has fluffy black hair and brown eyes. He wears black glasses and has a metal retainer that can come out (as shown when Wednesday uses it as a lock pick).

Eugene wears the proper Nevermore uniform, with the blazer unbuttoned and the sweater vest showing. He wears a hoodie layered underneath the blazer. He wears a purple scarf over the top of his uniform during Outreach Day.

Outside of school, Eugene can be seen wearing all kinds of nature-centered attire. When staking out the monster's cave, he is wearing a puffer jacket over the top of a grey button-up shirt and vest. He wears a backpack with bug-collecting jars hanging off of it. After getting out of the hospital, Eugene wears a waterproof grey jacket over the top of a white and grey plaid hoodie and an orange t-shirt.


Eugene is very passionate about bees and will talk about them with anyone who will listen. He had a hard time fitting in with the other students at Nevermore, and prior to meeting Wednesday Addams, he didn't have any friends. He is nervous about talking to other students, as seen when he asks Wednesday to give Enid Sinclair honey on his behalf.

Eugene also takes the "hummers code" very seriously, which means he will always be there whenever Wednesday, his fellow hummer, needs him for anything to support her. He is extremely loyal and devoted, saying that a "hummer keeps its word," meaning that when he gives his word in anything, he takes care to do what he said he would to keep his word. He takes very good care of his bees, to the point of considering them as if they were his own children.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Bee Manipulation: Eugene has the ability to control bees. While his strong connection with his bees was always apparent, he later displayed the ability to manipulate them by making a swarm of bees attack Marilyn Thornhill.


  • Beekeeping: As the leader of the Nevermore Hummers, Eugene is proficient in the art of beekeeping.


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Wednesday Addams[]

Eugene Ottinger and Wednesday Addams (2022) 001

Wednesday and Eugene have a sibling-like relationship, as Wednesday explicitly states that he reminds her of her brother, Pugsley. They both care deeply for each other, and Wednesday was Eugene's first friend at Nevermore. Over the course of the series, they bond further, and Wednesday becomes more and more protective of Eugene. After the events of the Rave'N, she has a prophetic vision of Eugene dying and rushes into the woods to save him. While Eugene is in the hospital, Wednesday visits him multiple times and sits by his bedside. She meets both of his mothers, who inform her that Eugene frequently mentions her.

Enid Sinclair[]

Eugene Ottinger and Enid Sinclair (2022) 001

Eugene is implied to have romantic feelings for Enid Sinclair, as he is nervous when talking to her and tries to ask her out to the Rave'N. This is further backed up by him asking Wednesday to deliver honey to her on his behalf, saying that even if the chance is small, he will take it. Outside of the romantic feelings, the two seem to have a friendly relationship.

Ajax Petropolus[]

Eugene is jealous of Ajax because they’re both in love with Enid, and she chose Ajax to be her boyfriend. He accepts, but he is still jealous of Ajax.

Sue Ottinger[]

Eugene Ottinger and Sue Ottinger (2022) 001

Sue is the mother of Eugene. They seem to have a good relationship with each other, as she visited him very often when he was in the hospital and also seems to be very worried about him after he was attacked by the Hyde.

Janet Ottinger[]

Eugene Ottinger (2022) 002

Janet is the second mother of Eugene.


"Snitches get stung, it's hive code"
-Eugene Ottinger


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Wednesday Series

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Wednesday Series


  • Eugene means well-born, noble, race, stock or kin.
  • Ottinger means Otting or Ottingen.


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