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"I never had a problem with outcasts. My counselor at summer camp was a werewolf. Great guy."
-Ethan Hanson to Martha

Ethan Hanson is a hiker who was mauled by a monster while hiking. He is the third victim the monster has killed.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


In "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe", while riding in Martha's truck, Ethan and Martha pass by the Addams family vehicle. After telling Martha where to drop him off, he gets out of the car and thanks her. Martha questions him about whether he wants to use that trail as it goes past Nevermore, and he reassures her that he's never had a problem with outcasts, citing that his counselor at summer camp was a werewolf and that he was a great guy. Scaring him with her comment about getting his throat ripped out, Ethan hesitantly chuckles, thanks her again, and walks towards the trail.

After finding a fallen tree to sit down on, Ethan puts his backpack down next to him. He pulls out his thermos container and pours a dark liquid into a cup. As he drinks from the cup, he hears a strange noise and pauses. He goes for another drink, taking in his surroundings, before he is suddenly attacked by a monster.

Deputy Ritchie Santiago and Sheriff Donovan Galpin were alerted that there was an attack in the woods. When Sheriff Galpin arrived at the scene, he saw Ethan's decapitated head on the ground with a terrified look stuck on his face. The sheriff asks the deputy where the rest of him is, to which the deputy responds while pointing in various directions. Deputy Santiago then makes the comment that the attack matches the two previous attacks from last week.

Donovan Galpin briefly mentions Ethan in "Chapter II: Woe Is the Loneliest Number".


Throughout the episode, Ethan wears the usual hiker clothes, consisting of a backpack and a vest.


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Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


Ethan is a normie and has no powers.


  • Hiking: Ethan enjoys hiking and has learned how to prepare for the journey.


  • Mortality: Ethan can easily be killed by any means, such as being mauled.



Martha drives Ethan to his destination. She seems to care about him, as she warns him of the dangers of camping near Nevermore.


"Just over here is fine."
-Ethan guides Martha where he wants her to drop him off[src]


Appears In[]

Wednesday Series

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Wednesday Series


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  • There is a hiker killed near the beginning of the show. The credit scene shows James Clay as Ethan Hanson (the hiker). But on the sheriff's victim board, it shows Ethan's picture paired with the name Benjamin Clarke. In one of the news articles on the sheriff's victim board, it says Benjamin Clarke is 78 years old.

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