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"I just asked myself, "WWWD?" What Would Wednesday Do?"
-Enid Sinclair

Enid Sinclair is a werewolf student at Nevermore Academy who is the roommate and best friend of Wednesday Addams. She is also one of the main characters in the Netflix Series Wednesday. She is Wednesday's sunny and colorful Californian roommate at Nevermore Academy.

During the series, Enid is one of the few people to continuously support and look out for Wednesday. While she has no connection to the murders themselves, she actively helps Wednesday with her investigations into them. She constantly acts as a character who is supportive of everyone while still maintaining the ability to stand up for herself and the people she cares about.

She appears in the Netflix TV show Wednesday.


Enid is from San Francisco; she grew up with older brothers. She closely follows ice hockey and supports the San Jose Sharks of the NHL.

Season One[]

When Wednesday is shown her dorm in "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe", she is introduced to Enid. Enid is initially concerned about Wednesday’s paleness until Gomez assures her that's how Wednesday always looks. When Enid attempts to hug her, Wednesday steps back, citing that she is allergic to color.

As Enid gives Wednesday a tour, she gives a brief explanation of the foundation of Nevermore. While walking around, Enid and Wednesday stop in front of a trophy case. Inside is a picture of Wednesday’s mother, Morticia, when she was captain of the fencing squad. They continue walking when Enid asks if Wednesday killed a kid. After hearing Wednesday’s answer that it was two kids, she pauses with a worried look on her face.

In the quad, Enid explains that there are four main cliques in Nevermore: Fangs, Furs, Stoners, and Scales. She then goes on to point out the different groups. She then tells her that Bianca and Xavier were dating until they broke up at the beginning of the semester for an unknown reason. Enid proclaims to Wednesday that her blog is "the number one source for Nevermore gossip." Ajax then approaches Enid, saying that he has "dirt" on her new roommate. After he is done talking, Enid steps to the side to reveal Wednesday standing behind her. After he commented on Wednesday being in black and white, Enid shooed him away, telling her to ignore him.

Enid later enters her dorm to find Wednesday peeling off the colorful window decor that she had put up. This makes Enid a little upset. Then Wednesday criticized her blog, making Enid defensive and angry. When Wednesday goes to write, she begins to play pop music, something that Wednesday does not like. As Wednesday approaches her, telling her to turn it off, she flashes her claws at her. Suddenly, Ms. Thornhill enters the room, asking if it was a bad time. After Wednesday is asked about being welcomed by Enid, she confirms that she has been smothered with hospitality and that she wishes to return the favor to Enid while she sleeps. This caused Enid to turn her head toward Wednesday with a concerned look on her face. Just as Ms. Thornhill leaves, she tells Enid to keep her claws to herself and that Wednesday wasn’t allowed to smother her in her sleep.

In fencing class, Enid stands next to Yoko as they both watch Bianca and Wednesday spar. After the match, she looked almost disappointed that Wednesday had lost the match.

After Wednesday is done playing her cello, Enid goes out onto the balcony and asks her how she got the instrument to fit through the window. When Enid spots Thing, she is taken aback and asks where the rest of him is. Wednesday asks Enid why she isn’t wolfing out, and it is then revealed by Enid that she is unable to. Enid then tells Wednesday that if she doesn’t wolf out, then she’ll be kicked out of her pack. After being told that everyone dies alone, Enid tells Wednesday that she sucks at comforting people. Wednesday tells her the story of when she cried for the last time. Enid tells her that her secret is safe with her but that she still thinks Wednesday is weird. When Wednesday asks her to show her how to use Enid’s computer so that she can get her room back, Enid shows her.

At the Harvest Festival, Enid asks if Wednesday can trust Tyler, to which Wednesday replies, "I trust that I can handle myself." Enid tries to hug Wednesday, to which Wednesday takes a step back. Enid then walks away.


Enid has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair has blue and pink highlights at the ends. Oftentimes, she wears it out, but occasionally she is seen with a braid on her right side. She has light freckles and different-colored nails that turn into claws at different points.

She wears her traditional Nevermore uniform with no alterations. Enid prefers to dress in multicolored or fluffy clothes outside of school. She is often seen in colorful sweaters and coordinated outfits. She wears colored eyeshadow and eyeliner to match the outfit she is wearing. She wears the traditional school shoes, however, and replaces the normal black laces with bright pink shoelaces.

At the Rave'N, Enid is wearing a pink wig and sequin outfit to match the theme. Her dress is white with pink undertones and has a fur collar. She has rhinestones under her eyes, red lipstick, and pink eyeshadow. She is wearing white knee-high platform boots.

During the Poe Cup, Enid and her team, the "Black Cats," have a feline-themed costume. She's dressed in a black wetsuit with pink stitching and pink highlights, with the team logo in white stamped on her shoulder. Enid wears black cat ears, and her fingerless gloves are made up of pink fishnets over black fabric. Her makeup consists of dark pink face paint on her nose to give it a cat-like look and whiskers drawn on with eyeliner. She has dark pink and black lipstick on her lips and wears pink eyeshadow with winged eyeliner for her eyes. During the Poe Cup, her nails are iridescent and pink.

When her werewolf form finally emerged, it resembled a bipedal wolf with a hunched-over appearance, no tail, and longer fangs while still sporting Enid's colored highlights.


When Enid is first introduced, she has a carefree, happy, and bubbly personality. She is friendly towards everyone and is well liked by her classmates. Enid also likes to keep up with school drama, with her personal blog being the number one source for Nevermore gossip. She can be described as the polar opposite of Wednesday Addams.

Despite her bubbly personality, there are moments when Enid proves to be down-to-earth and a bit pragmatic, asking Wednesday to apologize to Thing and telling her that he is her family and doesn't deserve to be mistreated by her. She is also extremely patient with Wednesday and her gloomy attitude, and despite being tolerant, there are moments when she responds back, like when Wednesday attempts to turn off her music, but Enid immediately takes out her claws and directly threatens to "not mess with her."

Enid is prone to showing strong emotions and reacting a bit violently. When Yoko has an allergic reaction to garlic and gets sent to the nurse's office, she (Yoko) sits out of the Poe Cup. She was extremely frustrated and was seen crying in her bedroom. When Ajax didn't show up to his date with Enid due to turning into stone, Enid, being extremely mad, cut with her claws the wheels of the school bus in a rant of anger because she felt humiliated and Ajax doesn't actually like her, although she was unaware that he had turned himself into stone.

She has a low tolerance for scary and creepy things, so when she met Thing for the first time, she looked awkward and tried to stay away from him. When she sees the board of clues that Wednesday has set up, she can't hide her disgust for the pictures, and she faints. Enid was also scared and uncomfortable about being in Uriah's Heap and seeing taxidermied animals dressed up in vintage clothes.

Enid is quite nervous about being a late bloomer in her pack, as she's scared of being exiled from it and finding a mate. However, thanks to Wednesday's influence, Enid has grown up and appears to be more mature, telling her own mother that she will not wolf out as she expects but will instead do it at her own pace, not caring what her mother or anyone else thinks of her. She also tells Wednesday that she is aware of her own bad traits but will not apologize for them anymore because they make her who she is.

Like many outcasts, Enid acts distant and suspicious with normies, as seen when she asks Wednesday if she can actually trust a normie to help her. Despite this trait of hers, Enid has no problem talking with them if she thinks they are friendly.

Enid is also very kind and caring with her friends. She helped Wednesday fit in with Nevermore and with her investigation of the murders. Enid also didn't hesitate in fighting against Tyler and risking her life to save Wednesday and give her a chance to defeat Marilyn, and after defeating him, she immediately went back to school and, concerned for her friend, asked where Wednesday was.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Lycanthropy: As a werewolf, Enid does not tend to show any werewolf powers due to being "a late bloomer", only showing her multi-colored claws instead of "wolfing out" whenever she shows any emotions. Enid does eventually "wolf out" into her werewolf form in the middle of the woods (during a full blood moon) and comes to Wednesday's aid to battle a Hyde.[3] She was nearly as strong as Tyler when he was in his Hyde form; however, he was able to pin her up against a tree and would have killed her had Sheriff Galpin not interfered by shooting the Hyde from behind, which wounded him. The distraction allowed Enid to gain the upper hand and defeat him. Her claws in human form can slice through a bus and a wooden raft. She is fast and agile, able to switch between bipedal and quadrupedal movement, move several feet in seconds, and even perform acrobatic feats like an aerial kick, which she used to defeat the Hyde.
    • Superhuman Strength: While in human form, Enid has increased strength, which allows her to open a locked door almost effortlessly.
    • Superhuman Durability: She was able to take many strikes from the Hyde and even be thrown into a tree in her wolf form without suffering major injuries.
    • Shapeshifting: When the full blood moon arose, Enid’s latent ability to transform into a humanoid werewolf manifested. As evidenced by the fact that when she turns, her hair's highlights remain.


  • Leadership: Enid has some skills as a leader; proof of this is that she is the captain of her own team when she participates in the Poe Cup, the Black Cats.
  • Skilled Tactician: Unlike what most people think of her, Enid is actually clever and quick to think. During the Poe Cup, while Wednesday is going for their flag, she immediately comes up with a plan and cuts the boat of one of the rival teams using her claws while Thing distracts them. Enid also quickly realized that it was Lucas Walker who pulled that prank at the school dance. She also seems to be a quick learner, becoming fully capable of understanding Thing when communicating.
  • Skilled Combatant: Enid is a skilled fighter who is able to use her enhanced werewolf abilities and her knowledge of martial arts from both practice and observing others to her advantage. During her fight with Hyde, although she was very close to being defeated by him, due to the intervention of the sheriff, she managed to win the fight by performing a wrestling drop kick that incapacitated him.


  • Mortality: Despite being a werewolf with increased durability, her body can still succumb to blunt force injuries by other supernatural creatures. Such as when she first transformed back into human form, her bones and muscles ached, as well as receiving cuts across her face by a Hyde that haven’t regenerated.


Wednesday Addams[]

"Why the sudden change of heart?
Because we work. We shouldn't, but we do. It's like some sort of weird, friendship anomaly.
-Wednesday and Enid

Enid Sinclair and Wednesday Addams (2022) 001

Wednesday is Enid's best friend and roommate. When Wednesday arrives at Nevermore, Enid is given the task of showing her around the school and introducing her to her classmates. Right from the beginning, Enid has been constantly supportive of Wednesday and the way she acts. Following their meeting Wednesday, she gave her a tour of the school's campus and introduced her to the other students who attend Nevermore. Rumors about Wednesday are already starting to spread among the student body at this point, but Enid remains by Wednesday's side and doesn't pay attention to them. Later that day, the two get into a fight over their room and boundaries, but are stopped from going further by Marilyn Thornhill. Near the end of the first episode, Wednesday and Enid share a moment on their balcony. Wednesday is playing the cello, and Enid comes out to check on her. This is where she first encounters Thing. After hearing the other werewolves (furs) howl in the distance, Wednesday asks why Enid isn't 'wolfing out' with them, and Enid reveals that she can't. Wednesday reasons with Enid in an attempt to cheer her up, but only makes it worse when Enid starts crying. Wednesday opens up to her about the time she cried, and Enid promises to keep the secret safe. They call each other "weird as shit" and have a silent moment together.

During the second episode, Enid is overjoyed that Wednesday decided to remain at Nevermore. When Yoko Tanaka is unable to participate in the Poe Cup, Wednesday volunteers to take her place and work with Enid. They bring out each other's competitive sides in this episode and manage to win the Poe Cup together. In the fourth episode, Wednesday shows off her board of clues on the murder to Enid, and when Enid faints after looking at them, Wednesday asks Thing to fetch the smelling salts again, implying that Enid has fainted before. In "Quid Pro Woe", Enid is one of the people responsible for Wednesday's cake and birthday surprise, putting a lot of effort into making Wednesday happy. She gives Wednesday a black snood to match hers as a birthday gift and follows her in her investigation that night. After almost being killed, Enid decides to move out of the room she and Wednesday share and go live with Yoko instead. However, even though she doesn't live with Wednesday, she checked in at least three times in one day to make sure that she was doing okay. In the following episode, when she moves back in with her, Wednesday says she missed Enid, although she uses Thing as a cover.

When Wednesday gets expelled in the final episode, Enid helps pack up her belongings. Wednesday tells her that the mark Enid has left on her is indelible, and, in turn, Enid confesses that she is going to miss Wednesday and that she has learned so much from her. Enid asks her for a final hug, which she declines, agreeing and saying that not hugging is their thing. After hearing that Wednesday is in trouble, she leaves Ajax Petropolus with the others and goes into the woods to try and help her. This is when Enid is finally able to 'wolf out' and is able to fight off Tyler Galpin to save Wednesday. She wins the fight with Tyler and successfully helps Wednesday kill Joseph Crackstone.

Enid asks where Wednesday is as she stumbles out of the woods and is embraced by Ajax. Her eyes widen in fear and panic when she sees how everyone responds to the question. Almost instantaneously, but Wednesday walks through the gates, and Enid sees her. She runs over, and the two share a meaningful moment—their first hug. The next day, she tells Wednesday that she should visit her in San Francisco.

Enid Sinclair and Esther Sinclair (2022) 001

Esther Sinclair[]

During Parents Weekend, Esther is very critical of her daughter, Enid, appears disappointed when Enid suggests that she hasn't "wolfed out" yet, and even suggests that Enid attend a Lycanthropy summer camp in order to fully "wolf out". But by the end of the weekend, Enid decides not to attend the camp, much to her mother's disappointment.

Enid Sinclair and Murray Sinclair (2022) 001

Murray Sinclair[]

He is seen during Parents Weekend with their pack. It is not yet clear about their relationship. Mr. Sinclair hardly ever speaks. He doesn't seem opposed to Mrs. Sinclair's way of treating Enid; however, he says he is proud of Enid before he and his wife leave and supports her decision.


Thing and Enid Sinclair (2022) 001

During the course of the show, Enid and Thing become close friends and are seen and mentioned doing nails, makeup tutorials, and communicating with each other very often, as she can even understand his sign language. At the end of the season, she makes him promise to keep in touch. When he goes to inform her of Wednesday being kidnapped by Laurel Gates and Tyler, Enid takes Thing with her into the woods until the blood moon begins to transform her into her full wolf form, which frightens him a bit before he goes off to free Xavier. Then later, after defeating Tyler, Thing crawls in the woods and goes over to hold Enid's hand in comfort, as her first time turning back to human caused her muscles to ache painfully before off-screen she could find and cover up with her coat to slowly walk back to the school alone.

Yoko Tanaka[]

Yoko Tanaka and Enid Sinclair (2022) 001

While not often shown interacting on-screen, Yoko and Enid have an established close friendship. They are both captains of their teams for the Poe Cup and have lunch at the Weathervane. They are temporary roommates after Enid and Wednesday had a fight.


They are not often shown interacting on screen; however, Enid and Divina seem to be good friends. They, along with Yoko, were seen having lunch at Weathervane before Lucas Walker showed up.

Ajax Petropolus[]

Enid Sinclair and Ajax Petropolus (2022) 001

Ajax starts off as a friend of Enid and ends up romantically involved with her. Their first encounter in the series occurs during Wednesday's tour of Nevermore, when he informs Enid of the rumors about her new roommate. Ajax is a member of the Nightshade Society.

At the start of the Poe Cup in "Chapter II: Woe Is the Loneliest Number", Enid smiles and glances her eyes to stare at Ajax before he turns to see her across their boats, which made him smile and chuckle in blush for her after she waves at him.

On Outreach Day (Friend or Woe), she swaps assignments with Wednesday so that she can work at Uriah's Heap with Ajax. She spends the day flirting with him and trying to get close to him. When she realizes that it isn't working, she confronts him and tells him directly that she's been trying to flirt all day. Ajax picks up on the hints then, and when Enid asks him to hang out with her behind the greenhouse later that night, unfortunately, Ajax stones himself in the mirror after showering and stands Enid up.

At the Rave'N, Enid attends with Lucas Walker in an attempt to make Ajax jealous. When the two see each other and speak, Enid is nervous and jumpy, whereas after seeing her, Ajax is visibly disheartened. Ajax is with another girl but is still friendly toward Enid and dances nearby. When Enid is outside confronting Lucas and getting picked on by his friends, Ajax is the one to come out and defend her. Just after this, they share their first kiss.

At the funeral of Mayor Walker, Ajax holds Enid, despairing over the event, and they walk off with each other under the rain with an umbrella.

They are seen together throughout the rest of the series. In the finale, Eugene Ottinger calls Enid because he is worried about Wednesday Addams and interrupts a moment between her and Ajax. Later that night, Thing informs them that Wednesday was kidnapped by Thornhill and Tyler and tells them to gather the nightshades. Enid did not know about him being part of the nightshade, as it was one of the rules of keeping it a secret. Ajax is the first to comfort her as she walks out of the woods. They both briefly lost their tempers at one another before Ajax comes close, for she was still stiff from the fight against Tyler and is no longer upset about earlier as he helps walk her back towards the larger group before she pushes him away to go hug Wednesday. Then, when the students leave school for the semester, she meets up with Ajax, who had his arm hanging over her shoulder as she approached, and at one point off-screen, they move outside of the school to share a kiss under the columns before saying goodbye to each other.

Bianca Barclay[]

Bianca is Enid's schoolmate.

Enid and Bianca are not seen to interact directly with each other over most of the first season, but they seem to have a neutral relationship; they are not friends, but they do not have negative feelings between them.

Enid considers Bianca to be the closest thing to royalty in Nevermore. Bianca has nothing against Enid but decided to use her as leverage to defeat Wednesday at the Poe Cup because she is Wednesday's roommate in order to win again.

Eugene Ottinger[]

Enid didn't talk with Eugene until she acted as a decoy for Wednesday. While they are not seen interacting very often with each other, they seem to get along, sharing their personal phone numbers. Eugene has a crush on Enid, but she seems oblivious to his feelings and only considers him a friend.

Xavier Thorpe[]

Much like with Bianca, Enid is not seen directly talking with Xavier during the first season. While it is unknown Xavier's opinion on Enid, it can be assumed he has her in a positive opinion; meanwhile, Enid seems to have Xavier in high esteem as Nevermore's number one artist. She was also quite surprised when Ajax told her about Xavier's pressure to be like his father, admitting she thought he was calm and confident during the Poe Cup.


"Howdy roomie!"
-Enid greeting Wednesday

"Don’t mess with me. This kitty’s got claws, and I’m not afraid to use them"
-Enid to Wednesday [4]

"This kitty is taking no prisoners. If Bianca Barclay wins again this year, I will literally scratch my own eyes out!"
-Enid to her Blackcat teammates

"OMG you look per-fect! Only thing, where are your whiskers?"
-Enid to Wednesday [5]

"Ajax I just spent all morning flirting and hinting and trying to act cute while brushing some roadkill just so you would ask me on a date."
-Enid to Ajax [6]

"I've tried really, really, really hard to be your friend. Always put myself out there. Thought of your feelings. Told people, "I know she gives off serial killer vibes, but she's just shy."
I never asked you to do that.
You didn’t have to because that’s what friends do!"
-Enid to Wednesday [7]

"No I don't. Because I'm not going. Not this summer. Not ever. If I'm meant to wolf out, then I'm going to do it on my own timeline and not yours. I hope that one day, you'll finally accept me for who I am."
-Enid standing up to her mother

"Everything you said about me is true. But I don't apologize for it. Not anymore. It's just who I am."
-Enid to Wednesday[8]

"I've learned so much from you. Part of it is admittedly criminal behavior, but... most people spend their entire lives pretending to give zero effs, and you literally never had an eff to give."
-Enid to Wednesday after Wednesday gets expelled[9]


Appears In[]

Wednesday Series


  • Enid means life, soul or spirit.
  • Sinclair means pure, renowned or illustrious.


  • Enid resembles Harley Quinn from the DC Extended Universe, portrayed by Margot Robbie.
    • Enid also has a similar appearance to Diana Cavendish from Little Witch Academia, voiced by Yōko Hikasa in the original Japanese version and by Lauren Post in the US version.

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