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Harold Black
Harold black.jpg
Name: Dr. Harold Black
Gender: Male
Age: Middle-aged
Species: Human
Portrayer George Petrie (1964)

Dr. Harold Black is the child psychologist consulted by Gomez and Morticia.

When Pugsley abandons his pet octopus, adopts a puppy, joins the Boy Scouts, and plays baseball, Dr. Black advises them that it's just a phase and tells them to cater to his whims. As Pugsley becomes more "normal" Gomez and Morticia demand that Dr. Black make a house call. Dr. Black comes to the house and assumes that Pugsley's behavior is caused by the Addams' choice of furnishings and environment. After talking to Pugsley to release his antagonisms Pugsley returns to his normal abnormal self. Dr. Black confused by the results of his therapy quits his practice determining that he needs to go back to school.


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