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"Where's the rest of him?"
-Sheriff Donovan Galpin to Deputy Ritchie Santiago about the hiker Ethan Hanson

Sheriff Donovan Galpin is the father of Tyler Galpin, the sheriff of Jericho, and is one of the main characters of the first season of the Netflix series Wednesday. He was married to Tyler's mother, Francoise Galpin. He is suspicious of Nevermore Academy and Wednesday Addams specifically.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


In 1990, Donovan and his superior, Sheriff Noble Walker, arrested Gomez Addams for the suspected murder of Garrett Gates on Nevermore school grounds. However, the charges against Gomez were dropped once Noble learned the real reason why Garrett was at the school that night. Although Gomez was released, Donovan continued to believe that he had killed Garrett for over thirty years and would wait patiently for any new evidence to come along so he could finally charge Gomez.

Sometime after this case, he was promoted to sheriff following Noble’s election to the office of mayor.

At some point in his life, he met Tyler's mother, Francoise, who was a former Nevermore student. They fell in love, got married, and had a son together, whom they named Tyler. However, Francoise, who was a Hyde, had her nature triggered by postpartum depression, which then led to her internment at a psychiatric hospital. Following her death, Donovan became grief-stricken and began keeping his distance, as well as neglecting a lonely Tyler, whom he feared had inherited his wife’s Hyde nature but wasn’t sure how to confirm it.

A year prior to the events of the first season, Donovan sent Tyler off to boot camp after he and his friends assaulted Nevermore student Xavier Thorpe on Outreach Day.

In "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe", after Ethan Hanson was murdered, Donovan arrived at the scene. Seeing Ethan's decapitated head, he asks his deputy, Ritchie Santiago, where the rest of him is. To prevent other people from getting killed, he told Deputy Santiago to issue a warning to keep hikers out of the woods. He then tells her to tell the press that the bear is back, something that he does not believe killed the hikers. He states that he believes the murders are connected to Nevermore but can't prove it, and until he can, they will tell everyone that it was a bear.

Entering the Weathervane, Donovan saw Jonah, Lucas, and Carter on the floor. Tyler tells him what happened and that Wednesday was the one being harassed, not the harasser. After hearing Wednesday's last name, he tells her that Gomez belongs behind bars for murder and that he's going to keep an eye on her.

At the Sheriff's Department, Donovan opens a draw to reveal many drinks. He opens one and walks towards a board that has information on all of the recent attacks happening around Jericho. The board shows three victims: Olivia Davis, an unnamed woman, Ethan Hanson, and Benjamin Clarke.

At the Harvest Festival, Donovan tells Tyler that he doesn't want him talking to Wednesday and that he wants him home by 12 a.m. Tyler tries to negotiate the time to 1 a.m., and Donovan tells him 12:30 a.m. in response.


He is almost always seen in sheriff's attire. He has blue eyes and gray hair that was formerly brown in his youth. He is 5’9 inches tall.


Donovan, like the majority of the normies, is hostile and distrustful of the outcasts. He is seen as very suspicious at Nevermore Academy, especially with Wednesday Addams, due to being related to the recent gruesome murders that have taken place in Jericho. After his wife died, Donovan became cold and distant with his son Tyler, caring more about his job as sheriff than being a father. Donovan’s decision to be in constant denial about his son’s hidden outcast nature would have dire consequences in the future.

He is vindictive but also extremely patient and cautious. He quietly waited for over thirty years to put Gomez Addams in jail due to his firmly held belief that he was responsible for the death of Garrett Gates and, indirectly, the deaths of his family. He even admits to having taken pleasure in arresting him. The thing stopping him before was that he couldn't do it because he didn't have the power or authority. As a result, he has developed prejudices against the Addams family, referring to them as a "gang of murderers," and ensures that his son does not speak to or approach Wednesday. Despite this dark side of himself, Donovan cares about the people of his town and takes his job seriously, always seeking justice. Donovan is also very stubborn and will therefore often disagree with Larissa Weems and Noble Walker, but also and especially Wednesday Addams.

Donovan is not above admitting his mistakes, as seen when he frees Gomez Addams and apologizes for everything; he even has a normal conversation with him regarding their kids. He then becomes more open to cooperating with Wednesday in the investigation of the crimes related to the monster.

When Donovan sees a photo that displays the creature responsible for the murders around Jericho, it is unknown if he recognizes the creature as a Hyde, and he begins to suspect Tyler as the killer.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a normie, Donovan displays no supernatural powers.


  • Expert Marksman: Donovan is an expert with guns. After witnessing a fight between the Hyde and Enid, Donovan shoots accurately at the Hyde, giving Enid a chance to win the fight.
  • Expert Tracker: Donovan is a very competent tracker. With a small description of the motorbike Fester stole, he was capable of tracking him down to Nevermore and finding the motorbike, although he couldn't find Fester.
  • Keen Intellect: While not as bright as other characters like Wednesday or Marilyn, Donovan has a decent level of intelligence. When the Mayor was hit by a car, he didn't believe Wednesday's official statement and made her tell him what she truly knew about that accident. After Wednesday confronted him about Tyler’s hidden Hyde nature, Donovan used an app on his phone to track and locate his son, arriving in time to help Enid.


  • PTSD: Donovan suffers from post-traumatic disorder because of the death of his wife. The emotional impact on him has been so significant that he refuses to talk or even mention his late wife, causing him to absolutely focus on his job as a sheriff, straining the relationship with his son.


Francoise Galpin[]

Donovan's late wife, Francoise, was revealed to be a Hyde. They had a good relationship with each other because, when Tyler asked his father if he had ever loved his mother, he said "More than you could ever know". After her death, Donovan became fearful that his son would turn out just like Francoise and decided to act emotionally distant from Tyler and be cold towards him, refusing to tell him the truth about his mother being an outcast.

Tyler Galpin[]

Donovan and his son Tyler have a strained relationship due to the former’s chronic absence in Tyler’s life. This is also because he refuses to speak to Tyler about his mother. After Donovan is forced to confront the dark truth about his son that he avoided for so long, he cradles Tyler’s broken body, presumably feeling guilt for how he treated him.


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Wednesday Series

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  • Donovan means dark or brown haired chieftain.
  • Galpin means son of Galopin.


  • Donovan drives what looks like a Ram 1500 SSV.
    • His license plate is G8P 4G9.
  • In the original script, Donovan is in his 40s. [1]

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