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Doctor Mbogo Mbogo is The Addams Family's witch doctor.

He can't tear himself away from a good tsetse fly case. To reach him, Gomez must telephone a hunter in Africa who yells to some natives outside in their language to bring Doctor Mbogo as fast as they can. The natives beat the message drums to contact the doctor.

When Uncle Fester isn't feeling right, Gomez calls Doctor Mbogo, but he isn't making any more house calls due to business doing well in his area. He once cured Gomez' pneumonia by dousing him with kerosene and pouring ashes over his head.[1]

When Thing gets depressed at missing Lady Fingers, Gomez suggested calling Doctor Mbogo, but Morticia says Thing is just lovesick.[2]

Gomez calls Doctor Mbogo when Kitty Kat has lost his appetite. The telephone number to reach him is ZUlu 854. He tells Gomez to take three hairs of a wildebeest, mix it with boiling water, and burn down the hut. The doctor refuses to see Kitty Cat because the lion's father ate Doctor Mbogo's father.[3]

When Pugsley goes to Nairobi Medical School and becomes a witch doctor, he gets a tattoo of Doctor Mbogo on his arm, though he calls him Doctor Mgumbo.[4]

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