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Dmitry Chepovetsky (born 1970) is a Canadian actor. He was born in the former Soviet Union, in present day Lviv, Ukraine.

His family left in 1976 along with waves of other Jewish emigrants bound for Israel. Along the way, his family experienced an eight-month stopover in Italy while awaiting their travel visas. They then decided to change course for Regina, where his uncle lived. Since then, Chepovetsky has been splitting his time between Vancouver and Toronto, where he's been living for the past eight years, close to his older brother and nieces.

He began acting at the age of fourteen while in high school in Regina, then began acting in local community. Thinking briefly about a different career path, he was accepted to the University of Toronto on a scholarship for its commerce program. After three weeks, he dropped out to work as an elf at Casa Loma and then worked numerous jobs until he got to Ryerson Theatre School. He also trained with David Rotenberg and Carol Rosenfeld, as well as Kate Hale at the Foursight Theatre. Aside from his numerous acting credits, among them stints in critically-acclaimed television shows and feature films such as The X-Files, Lucky Number Slevin, and Stargate; Chepovetsky is likely best known for his recurring role in ReGenesis as Bob Melnikov, the show's lead biochemist and a person with Asperger syndrome. The role has garnered him two Gemini Award nominations for best actor in a dramatic series; once in 2005 and another in 2007. The show has reached 120 countries in over eighteen languages.


Chepovetsky played Guy Sterling in The New Addams Family episode "Cousin Itt's Problem".