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Divina is a siren student at Nevermore Academy and a recurring character in the Netflix Series Wednesday. She is a member of the Nightshade Society and is friends with its members. She is in Bianca Barclay's clique of friends and interacts with her and Yoko Tanaka throughout the series. Although only a minor character, Divina is shown in the background of multiple scenes throughout the show.

She appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


She first appears when Enid Sinclair is giving Wednesday Addams a tour of the school and is sitting on the fountain, speaking to fellow sirens Bianca and Kent.

She competes alongside Bianca Barclay and her team, the "Gold Bugs," in the Poe Cup.

In the series, Divina is a Nightshade. She appears in the scene where the Nightshades find Wednesday lurking in the Nightshades' lair and is present when the Nightshades capture Tyler Galpin and chain him up. She and the other Nightshades later apologize for getting Wednesday expelled, saying that it wasn't their intent.


Divina wears the school uniform properly and with no alterations. Outside of school, she is seen wearing aquatic-themed patterns and puffer jackets. She has an eye for color coordination.

She has shoulder-length brown hair and striking pale blue-green eyes.

At the Rave'N, she wears a white and blue outfit to match the theme. She wears a white button-up vest with black buttons over a translucent blue top and pants. She wears a large blue bow. Her makeup consists of blue eyeshadow, eyeliner, and rhinestones in the corner of her eye, following the wing made from the eyeshadow. Her hair is tied up in a braid, and she has a ribbon braided into it.


As she has very little lines, it is hard to determine a personality for Divina. She appears to have good relationships with her schoolmates, implying that she is at least kind towards her peers.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Siren Song: As a siren, Divina has the ability to use her voice to manipulate the feelings, thoughts, and actions of others. Whenever this power is used, it appears as magenta sound waves.
  • Limited Transformation: As a siren, Divina has the ability to change her legs into a long blue mermaid tail whenever she submerges herself in water. While in this form, her hands become webbed, and she grows razor-sharp claws.


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Yoko Tanaka[]

Yoko and Divina are in a relationship and are both members of the Nightshade Society. They are often seen interacting in the background of scenes and sit together frequently. They are seen sitting together on the stands during the speech in "Friend or Woe," and in the following episode they are having coffee together with Enid Sinclair; during this scene, Yoko affectionately calls Divina her 'spiky little sea urchin'. After Enid Sinclair asks the two to leave because Lucas Walker wants to talk to her, they move to the next booth over. They are seen in the background of the scene sitting closely together, with Yoko resting her arm on Divina's shoulder. This isn't the first time they have been seen displaying signs of affection publicly. As shown in the previous episode, Yoko has her arm around Divina and is holding her close as they talk and walk with Bianca Barclay.

Enid Sinclair[]

Enid and Divina presumably have a friendly relationship, as they are seen having coffee with each other and Yoko Tanaka in Woe What a Night.


Kent and Divina are twins and are shown to have a close and friendly relationship. She dances near her brother at the Rave'N.


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Appears In[]

Wednesday Series

Mentioned In[]

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  • Divina means divine or heavenly.


  • In a cutscene at the Rave'N, Yoko and Divina are seen dancing together.
  • In the original script, Divina is 16 years old. [2]
  • In the subtitles on Netflix her name is spelled Davina.

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