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Death Visits the Addams Family is the thirteenth episode of the second season of The New Addams Family, the 64th overall episode, and the series finale.


The Addams Family are preparing for their Bastille Day celebration. When The Grim Reaper arrives for Gomez, he introduces himself as Death, so nobody realizes who he is. After Gomez evades several attempts on his life, the Grim Reaper removes his cloak, explains the situation, and grants Gomez a few minutes to say goodbye to his family. Wednesday and Pugsley fetch The Complete Morons' Guide to Death from the library and learn that Gomez can challenge Death. The two compete in a deathcathlon in the dungeon. Gomez wins the first two events, Heads or Tails and Cut the Deck, so the challenge comes down to the last event worth three points, Jousting on a Tightrope over a Bottomless Chasm Wearing Clown Shoes.


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