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Cousin Shy is a deceased relative of The Addams Family.

His tombstone lies in the cemetery beside The Addams Family Mansion. According to Pancho Addams, Cousin Shy is a timid spirit who carves pumpkins and distributes gifts on Halloween.

The Legend of Cousin Shy:[]

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, in a little village, there was this tiny little boy named Deetlemote, a very good boy, and he knew the legend of Cousin Shy. Cousin Shy is the special spirit of Halloween, the spirit who carves happy smiles on a specially-hidden pumpkin and leaves beautiful gifts at the feet of the Halloween Scarecrow. And then there was one day when Deetlemote wanted to find out if Cousin Shy was real and so this little boy carved a mouth on the giant pumpkin and it talked and it said "I am the spirit of Cousin Shy and I belong to the whole world. You will never see me, but if children are very good I will pay them a visit every Halloween, and if you leave a pumpkin in a very special place I will carve it for you and leave gifts under your scarecrow, and they lived happily ever after."


The television special: