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Cousin Rion is a relative of The Addams Family.

In the original comic Rion is frail with a sharp pointed nos. She has long stringy hair. She wears a regular long sleeved dress with leggings and lace up shoes, pearls, and some type of fur around her neck.

Cousin Rion is holding a noose as the children open a present from her. At the same time, Morticia and Gomez are nearby saying, "one of us has to speak to Cousin Rion. She's spoiling the children horribly."[1]

In The Addams Family (2019) film she has most of the same attributes as her comic counterpart but has some slight changes. She wears a spaghetti strap dress with an alligator instead of fur around her neck, and she is definitely bald on the top of her head.


The book:

The film: