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"Her mournful face, her plaintive wail, her teary outbursts - She's such a joy to have around the house."

Cousin Melancholia is a relative of the Addams family. She is a cousin of Morticia Addams, who is repeatedly jilted.


The Original Addams Family Series[]

Melancholia thought that her fiance Fred had left her to join the Foreign Legion since he also took back his ring and sold his farm. This was not her first tragedy; she got as far as the altar with Elmer, but he ran off to South America. Morticia introduced her to Charles P. Harvey (whom she called "Ralph"), an attorney who works with James Ferguson. Morticia then gave Melancholia a total makeover, which made her look like Morticia. Gomez and Morticia invited Mr. Harvey over. Though Mr. Harvey is not attracted to Melancholia, Melancholia is attracted to him. Fred then caught her kissing him and got mad. It turns out that Fred joined the American Legion and switched the ring for a better one. Fred punched Mr. Harvey and left with Melancholia.

The New Addams Family Series[]

Melancholia's fiance, Fred, had left her, but they got together again. Melancholia's next romance looked more promising. She was engaged to Digby Henson, the second-richest man in the world. This one almost succeeded. Her sister is Catastrophia.


She is one of the few members of the Addams family who actually look normal; a cabdriver thought she was a normal person and not an Addams.


She is the perpetually sad, crying cousin of Morticia.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a human, she doesn't have supernatural powers or abilities.


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The Original Addams Family Series

The New Addams Family Series

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The New Addams Family Series


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