Little helper cousin crimp
Morticia's Portrait of Cousin Crimp
Series The Addams Family (TV Series)
Gender Male and Female
Other Family
Not to be confused with Uncle Crimp

Cousin Crimp is a relative of The Addams Family.

Crimp is a two-headed individual (one male, one female) and was "such fun on a double date," according to Morticia. Gomez said Crimp was "mighty handy when we needed a third or fourth for bridge, too."[1] Crimp used to love to play the harpsichord; a 1503 Krupnik was in his family for over four hundred years. He used to play four-handed compositions on it... all by himself.[2] Crimp had a huge glass eye. When Uncle Fester found it in the safe he said "Those were the days when men were men." Morticia later knitted him a very long shawl.[3] Once, Gomez mistook a painting of himself for Crimp, saying wrongly "I'd recognize that face with my eyes shut."[4][5]

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  2. Lurch and His Harpsichord
  3. Morticia, the Breadwinner
  4. Morticia's Dilemma
  5. Morticia's Dilemma (new)