Not to be confused with Uncle Crimp

Cousin Crimp is a relative of The Addams Family.

Crimp is a two-headed individual (one male, one female) and was "such fun on a double date," according to Morticia. Gomez said Crimp was "mighty handy when we needed a third or fourth for bridge, too."[1] Crimp used to love to play the harpsichord; a 1503 Krupnik was in his family for over four hundred years. He used to play four-handed compositions on it... all by himself.[2] Crimp had a huge glass eye. When Uncle Fester found it in the safe he said "Those were the days when men were men." Morticia later knitted him a very long shawl.[3] Once, Gomez mistook a painting of himself for Crimp, saying wrongly "I'd recognize that face with my eyes shut."[4][5]

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