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"I'll pay for that!"
-After destroying something in the Addams family house.

Cousin Catastrophia is a relative of The Addams Family and sister of Melancholia.

She is a squeaky-voiced and kindly but incredibly unlucky woman, for wherever she goes and whatever she does, she inadvertently destroys, breaks and wrecks whatever is around her.

The New Addams Family

Catastrophia visits the Addams family (causing a pileup of seven cars and a tornado in the area surrounding it) for Morticia's support when she loses her job (again, this time at the china shop) for causing chaos (no doubt breaking the shop's china). She causes several things to go wrong at the mansion, staying there until she can find a job.

Eventually, she finds an interest in opera singing (which she does horribly, but not so in the eyes of her family), with Gomez Addams renting an almost out of business dinner theatre.

In the eve of her performance, her singing scared off the audience (except for her family) and wrecked the dinner theatre (though Gomez paid the owners handsomely to cover the expenses). She was then approached by a man who owns a demolition company, who thinks that Catastrophia will be a great asset to his company; he then gives her a job.

Cousin Catastrophia on The New Addams Family.


Catastrophia is a sweet, generous woman with good intentions and a high-pitched voice, and she's much more cheerful than her sister Melancholia (though both have low self-esteem). She's willing to be helpful and is grateful of her supportive relatives. Her natural knack for bringing chaos and disaster has caused the people around her (even her own relatives) to be less than trilled about her presence. She seemingly has no real abilities or talents other than the aforementioned knack for disaster, for her singing is considered atrocious by people other than her family.


Catastrophia wears an assortment of tackily colourful clothing and accessories, always wearing a pair of spectacles that match the rest of her appearance. She has medium length light blonde hair and often wears headscarves.


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