Color Me Addams
Series The Addams Family (animated 1992)
Season 2
Original Airdate September 18, 1993
Director Emory Ron Myrick


Cousin Itt returns from the Madagascar Yak Wrestling Competition with his new girlfriend, a yak, so Morticia can paint him. Gomez persuades Morticia to hold a gallery showing of her best art works as part of a charity art show at Wednesday and Pugsley's school. She agrees and sets about creating more works. Thing wants to help her, but she repeatedly shoos him away, wanting the art to be hers alone. While Norman Normanmeyer stays by his phone awaiting a call for an important client, Normina tries to sabotage Morticia's art show. In the middle of the night, Thing stops her from defacing her painting of gargoyles, but since nobody's there to shoo him, he decides to add his own touch to the painting. Unfortunately, he uses Morticia's "living" paints, and the gargoyles fly off the canvas to ransack the town. The Addams Family must work together to bring them back.


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Family Dances

  • Blister Juice Rhumba
  • Close Shave Fandango

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