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Clue: Wednesday is a two-to-six- player board game for ages eight and up. As of May, it is $43.79.


"A dark mystery with terrible dangers is yours to solve in this spooky, modern take on the classic mystery game. With the dangerous Hyde on the loose, you play as students of Nevermore Academy like Wednesday Addams and Ajax Petropolus. You've got to keep your wits about you as you determine WHO will be the Hyde's next victim, WHERE will the Hyde attack, and WHAT item was key in bringing him down!" - Official description


The board game shows pictures from nine locations in the TV series. These locations are: The Forest, Coffee Shop, Pilgrim World, Police Station, Crackstone's Tomb, Botany Classroom, Ophelia Hall, Principal's Office, and the Nightshade Library.

There are six weapons that can be used in the game. There's a fencing sword, poison syringe, Crackstone's sword, chains, beehive, and bow and arrow.

Players have six Nevermore students to choose from when selecting a character. Players can pick Eugene (yellow), Ajax (blue), Wednesday (white), Enid (red), Yoko (purple), and Bianca (green). Each character has a stand to hold them up.

Each character has a personality card. These cards can only be used once during each game.

  • Yoko's card says, "Once per game, you may look at a card that one layer has just shown another player."
  • Wednesday's card says, "Once per game, you may randomly pick a card to look at from someone you just showed a card to."
  • Eugene's card says, "Once per game, you may ask two questions on the same turn using the location you are in."

The game also comes with 21 rumor cards, 25 intrigue cards, one page of clue sheets, a rulebook, an envelope (to hide the correct answer), and two six-sided dice.


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  • The game is inspired by the 2022 Netflix TV series Wednesday.
  • This version of clue uses the original character colors.
    • Eugene as Colonel Mustard
    • Ajax as Mrs. Peacock
    • Wednesday as Mrs. White
    • Enid as Miss Scarlet
    • Yoko as Professor Plum
    • Bianca as Mr. Green

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