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Cleopatra, Green of the Nile is the third episode of the second season, and the 55th overall episode of The New Addams Family.


After days of overeating, Morticia's prize carnivorous plant, Cleopatra, loses her appetite only days before the plant show. Morticia calls Cousin Fern to help. Fern gives her a transplant, but Cleopatra is still sick. Since Cleopatra is part animal, Fern recommends they call a vet, but Kitty Kat ate the last one in town. Meanwhile, Uncle Fester enters a poetry contest to try to win an Executioner 2000 electric chair, and Wednesday and Pugsley search the house for Marie Antoinette. Gomez finally gets Dr. Jim, the vet, to come, but it's Wednesday who discovers the cure.


Background Information[]

  • The shrunken head in Grandpapa's time capsule looks more like the head from the Marie Antoinette doll.
  • Snuffles has a tuskache.
  • Kitty Cat is said to have eaten the last vet in town. However, in The Addams Family Tree, Morticia states he hates the taste of people.

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