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Cleopatra in "Morticia and the Psychiatrist"

Cleopatra is a carnivorous plant owned by Morticia Addams.

Morticia's other plants include roses (for their thorns), hemlock, henbane, and poison ivy.

Cleopatra never eats people currently, although she does bite or try to strangle them sometimes. Morticia claims they give her heartburn, so it can be assumed she's eaten at least part of one person in the past.


Cleopatra is an African Strangler plant whose main diet is chunks of red, fleshy meat (Cleo's favorite food was zebra burgers and yak meatballs). Morticia grew Cleopatra from a seed, and says she is young but not very smart.[1] When Gomez first met her, Morticia warned him that she bit and fed her some zebra burger. The overly aggressive plant was always snuggling up to the family's visitors who didn't realize the plant's apparent affection was really Cleopatra's way of sizing up her next meal. When she nearly strangles Sam Picasso, Gomez warns him "She's an ear-nibbler."[2] Mother Lurch once tried to feed Aristotle to her.[3] Morticia gave one of Cleopatra's babies to the charity bazaar.[4] Cleopatra once ate Morticia's favorite photo of Gomez.[5] When she flirted with Gomez, he said he'd call Nairobi and have his man send a male African Strangler for her.[6] Morticia put her on a low-calorie diet when her tentacles were getting thick.[7] When the Addamses were trying to convince the vet to treat Kitty Kat, they lied that she'd "lost her desire to strangle." The vet, whom Cleopatra was coiled around, replied "All of it?" On the 1998 revival series The New Addams Family on the Fox Family Channel, Morticia could be seen sprinkling "Wonder Weed" to enhance the growth of her weed garden. Cleopatra is part dandelion.[8] She is part komodo dragon on her mother's side.[9] In Cleopatra, Green of the Nile, she stopped eating and appeared unwell. It turned out she had swallowed Marie Antoinette. In Amnesia in the Addams Family, when Gomez was suffering from amnesia, he tried to cut her down. This shocked all of the Addamses, with Wednesday even considering it to be murder.


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