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Christopher Shyer is a Canadian-American actor. He was born in Downsview, Ontario.

He has appeared in films and television programs such as:

  • The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (TV Series) in the 1998 episode "Solitude's Revenge"
  • The Outer Limits (TV Series) in the 2000 episode "Seed of Destruction"
  • Nuremberg (2000 TV Mini-Series) as Gen. Telford Taylor
  • Cinderella: Single Again (2000 short) as Prince Charming
  • Along Came a Spider (2001) as Jim Gelway
  • The Practice (TV Series)
  • Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (TV Series)
  • The Core (2003) as Dave Perry
  • Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company' (2003) as Alan Hamel
  • Smallville (TV Series) in the 2003 episode "Slumber" as Nicholas Conroy
  • Traffic (2004 TV Mini-series)
  • The Days (TV Series) as Scott Eaton
  • JAG (TV Series) in the 2004 episode "One Big Boat" as Commander Steve Lundt
  • Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004 TV) as Craig Shilts
  • Cold Squad (TV Series)
  • The L Word (TV Series) in the 2005 episode "Loyal" as Rod Sebring
  • CSI: Miami (TV Series) in the 2005 episode "Wacked" as Larry Musgrave
  • NCIS (TV Series) in the 2005 episode "Mind Games" as Kyle Boone
  • Without a Trace (TV Series) in the 2006 episode "The Stranger" as Ken Robinson
  • Big Bad Wolf (2006) as Charlie Cowley
  • Whistler (TV Series) as Adrien Varland
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Series) in the 2010 episode "Lost & Found" as Bill
  • V (TV Series) as Marcus
  • The Good Wife (TV Series) in the 2011 episode "In Sickness" as Dr. Dominic Lawton
  • J. Edgar (2011) as President Richard Nixon
  • Good God (TV Series) as Tony Cassano
  • Those Damn Canadians (TV Series) as Richard 'Dick' Reddick
  • Blue Bloods (TV Series) in the 2018 episode "The Devil You Know" as Martin Post
  • The Blacklist (TV Series) in the 2019 episode "The Cryptobanker (No. 160)" as ATF DA Charleston
  • Madam Secretary (TV Series) in the 2019 episode "Better Angels" as FBI Director Frank Meredith


Shyer appeared in two episodes of The New Addams Family; he played Cousin Vlad in "Deadbeat Relatives" and the Governor in "The Tale of Long John Addams".