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The characters from Charles Addams' New Yorker cartoons did not originally have names. When the 1960s television show was in development, Addams was asked to provide names for each of them. For the father, he suggested Gomez or Repelli;[1] for the mother, Morticia;[2] for the butler, Lurch; for the daughter, Wednesday[2] (for being "full of woe"); and for the son, Pubert.[1] Pubert was changed to Pugsley[2] but resurfaced later as the name of the new Addams baby in Addams Family Values. The hairy Cousin Itt was created by the show's producer, David Levy.

As they evolved, through the television shows, movies, musical, books, games and merchandise, a core group evolved into The Addams Family we know and love today.

Main Characters[]

  • Gomez Addams - patriarch and head of the family
Main article: Gomez Addams
  • Morticia - loving wife and mother
Main article: Morticia Addams
  • Pugsley - eldest son and frequent torture victim
Main article: Pugsley Addams
  • Wednesday - eldest daughter and student of the macabre
Main article: Wednesday Addams
  • Fester - uncle with an electric personality
Main article: Uncle Fester
  • Grandmama - blithe spirit and alligator wrestler
Main article: Grandmama
  • Lurch - butler and part of the family
Main article: Lurch
  • Thing - the quintessential helping hand
Main article: Thing
  • Cousin Itt - playboy and man of mystery
Main article: Cousin Itt

Secondary Characters[]

Many other family members, friends, and acquaintances have appeared or been mentioned in the various incarnations of Addams media. Here is a comprehensive list of them.


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