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"Leave the bees alone."
-Wednesday Addams to Uncle Fester about Eugene Ottinger's bees

Chapter VII: If You Don't Woe By Now is the seventh episode of the first season of the Wednesday series. It aired on the 23rd of November in 2022, on Netflix.


"Kooky Uncle Fester pays a visit and shares his theory about the monster. Wednesday begrudgingly agrees to a date with Tyler at Crackstone's crypt." - Official summary from Netflix

Plot Summary[]

A somber funeral service in a biblical downpour takes place in Jericho for Mayor Walker's funeral. At the funeral, Wednesday narrates, stating that the killer is more than likely amongst us. She is close to the truth; she has all the jigsaw pieces; she just needs to put them all correctly into place. Wednesday spies a mysterious figure watching her and gives chase, but it’s only her Uncle Fester.

It turns out that Fester is on the run and needs a place to lay low for a couple of days, although the news of a murder mystery at Nevermore Academy has piqued his interest somewhat. He used to frequent the grounds when Gomez was a student here and is familiar with the place. Wednesday shows him a drawing of the monster, and he instantly recognizes the creature; it is called a Hyde. He suggests seeking out Faulkner’s diary, which includes a detailed explanation of the elusive creature. The aforementioned book can be found in the Nightshade Society’s library.

At the library, Wednesday bumps into Xavier, her prime suspect in the case. They argue with each other. Xavier is upset that she suspects him after all he has done to help her. But Wednesday is right to be suspicious. He always seems to be around when the monster attacks, and he has an unhealthy obsession with drawing the creature too. The boy leaves, and Uncle Fester emerges from the shadows. With Thing’s help, they break into the hidden safe and retrieve the book. Faulkner describes a Hyde as a mutation that lies dormant in a person’s body. They can be summoned via a traumatic event, chemical inducement, or hypnosis. Once the creature is freed, they see their liberator as their master and are happy to do their master’s bidding henceforth.

Wednesday and Fester stalk Xavier, driving a motorcycle with a sidecar. Xavier meets with Dr. Kinbott in the woods and confesses to her that he has had a dream in which she is killed. The therapist seems to be having secret sessions with the student, and Wednesday wants to tell Principal Weems this unusual truth. Unfortunately, the principal and the doctor are already in cahoots. Dr. Kinbott needs to send off her assessment on Wednesday, and as a curveball, the student suggests they partake in some hypnotherapy. This is, of course, just another ruse. Wednesday suspects the therapist is the master and Xavier is the monster.

She tells Fester her theory at the Weathervane coffee shop. Tyler heads over to chat, even though his father has forbidden him from socializing with the outcast. Wednesday shows him the drawing, but the sheriff interrupts their conversation. Tyler tries to take the blame, but the sheriff isn’t that bothered anyway. He has a thief to find. Sheriff Galpin hands out posters of the bank robber, and it is very clearly Uncle Fester. Wednesday notices that her uncle has disappeared before the sheriff could spot him. Tyler asks Wednesday out on a date, which she begrudgingly accepts.

Tyler sets up a romantic picnic for Wednesday in Crackstone’s crypt. They watch Legally Blonde, which is a horror movie in Wednesday’s eyes. Tyler wants to take the relationship to the next level, and they are just about to kiss, but again, the sheriff interrupts the two lovebirds. He believes the bank robber may be hiding out here. They are then asked to leave. Wednesday returns from her date to find her room has been ransacked. The diary is missing, and Thing has been pinned to the wall with a knife. She takes the unresponsive hand to Fester, who brings Thing back to life with electric shocks. A clearly broken-hearted Wednesday wants to kill the person who caused her trusty sidekick so much pain. Wednesday then warns Fester about the sheriff's snooping around, and he agrees to leave the following morning. For Uncle Fester’s parting gift, he tells Wednesday that she is his favorite.

Wednesday informs Principal Weems of the raid, and they discuss the Hyde monster in detail. The principal is very much aware of the monster and Faulkner’s studies. She refuses to tell the sheriff, though, worried that it will mean the end of Nevermore. Again, she will protect the school at all costs. After this unproductive meeting, Wednesday is accosted by Bianca and Lucas. They have information on the mayor’s death. He was investigating Laurel Gates around the time of his death.

As it turns out, the Gates mansion was bought by a 90-year-old heiress who mysteriously died and passed her fortune on to her caregiver, Teresa L. Glau. This is an anagram of Laurel Gates. They surmise that she bought her old house and took on a new identity. She has returned to reap her revenge after her brother Garrett Gates was killed. Wednesday suspects the monster is doing Laurel’s bidding for her.

Dr. Kinbott is visited unannounced by Wednesday Addams. She passes her the ballerina music box and accuses her therapist of murder. She thinks the doctor is Laurel and the monster is Xavier. Dr. Kinbott fears that Wednesday is having some kind of mental breakdown and goes to call Weems. After Wednesday has exited the building, the monster attacks, killing Dr. Kinbott.

Now that Wednesday has told Kinbott her theory, next she heads to Xavier’s art studio to conclude her thoughts with Kinbott’s accomplice. Xavier’s place is teeming with evidence. Wednesday finds Rowan’s inhaler, Eugene’s glasses, the doctor’s necklace, photographs of Wednesday, and a painting of Dr. Kinbott being attacked. Xavier is subsequently arrested, all thanks to Wednesday’s detective work.

Later, Enid and Wednesday make amends and become friends once again, and the werewolf pushes Wednesday to go and be with Tyler. She runs over to the coffee shop, and the two lovers finally kiss. Although Wednesday’s first kiss brings on another vision, she sees Tyler as the monster.

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"Of course the first boy I kiss would turn out to be a psychotic, serial-killing monster. I guess I have a type."
-Wednesday about Tyler


  • Fester mentioned he gets lobotomies.
  • In this chapter, it is said that Laurel died 20 years ago. In the previous episode, it is said that she died 25 years ago.



  • If I Be Wrong - Wolf Larsen
  • Perfect Day (Chris Lord Alge Mix) - Hoku (playing when they watch Legally Blonde)

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