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"There is no controlling a raging river. You must learn to navigate it without drowning."
-Goody Addams to Wednesday Addams

Chapter VI: Quid Pro Woe is the sixth episode of the first season of the Wednesday series. It aired on the 23rd of November in 2022, on Netflix.


"Wednesday's friends throw her a surprise birthday party. They mean well... but she'd much rather mark the miserable occasion by solving the murders." - Official summary from Netflix

Plot Summary[]

Wednesday's birthday begins with a séance, in which Wednesday wants to raise the dead and communicate with Goody Addams. Now more than ever since Morticia told her that only Goody could teach her about her own powers. She wants to master her psychic abilities, and it would seem this long-dead person holds all the answers. This séance is interrupted by Enid, though, and then a suspicious note is slid under her door. The note states that answers to the mysteries at Nevermore Academy can be found in Crackstone’s crypt. Enid and Wednesday head over to inspect immediately.

It’s all a ruse though, since, as it turns out, they have thrown a surprise party for Wednesday instead. She is presented with a cake, and Thing even wears a party hat for the special occasion. But Wednesday is sidetracked by spotting a Latin inscription in the crypt, which reads: "Fire will rain when I rise." Wednesday is decidedly distracted, but then has another intense vision to well and truly bring the celebrations to an abrupt end. In this vision, she speaks with Goody and witnesses a gothic gateway. Goody says that Wednesday needs to stop Crackstone.

Later, Enid gifts Wednesday with a snood, while her parents supply their daughter with a taxidermy kit and some dead squirrels on ice. Mayor Walker and Principal Weems meet to discuss the vandalism on the school lawn. She accuses the Mayor’s own son, Lucas, of the prank after his vandalism at the Rave'N, but he has a solid alibi on this occasion. When Noble says that he's going to search first to find out who attacked Eugene and that everything points to a student of the academy, Larissa immediately tells him to be careful what he says and that her charity has limits. The son can be found cleaning in Nevermore as a punishment for his many other pranks. He starts a conversation with Bianca, and they make plans for an impromptu date.

Wednesday draws connections between the fiery writing on the lawn and the Latin found in Crackstone’s crypt, but Sheriff Galpin isn’t interested. His son Tyler is equally annoyed with Wednesday, who appears to be ghosting him. She draws a picture of the gates from her vision and shows them to Tyler, but he isn’t familiar with this particular location. Xavier fared better, as he had the same visions in his dreams. In the end, it turns out to be the entrance to the old Gates mansion.

The more Wednesday continues to dig, the more she seems to realize how everything seems to be connected. Thus, Wednesday decides to go and investigate the mansion for herself. She heads straight over but finds the mayor leaving the abandoned building instead. He calls up the sheriff, eager to explain his new theories, as he reckons he’s onto something. Wednesday jumps in the Mayor’s car to see what his theory is, but the Mayor is run over outside the coffee shop before he can reveal these new revelations to the Sheriff. Wednesday then witnesses all of this and again falls under the sheriff’s suspicions. This travesty leads Principal Weems to put the school under lockdown, and Wednesday is unable to leave the campus.

Undeterred, Wednesday plans her escape. She contacts Tyler and asks him to pick her up from the school’s entrance. Wednesday also invites Enid on a girls' night out. Both fall for her scheme and are driven to an unknown location, which turns out to be the Gates Mansion. It’s a trick that upsets them both, but they still blindly follow Wednesday into the ghostly grounds anyway. Here they find the very same blue Cadillac that was used to run over the mayor, and then a hidden altar to Crackstone.

The monster then appears and hunts down its prey. Tyler is attacked, while Enid and Wednesday dive into a dumbwaiter to hide. The horrid creature claws at them from inside, and the rope snaps, sending them plummeting to the bottom of the building. In the cellar, Wednesday finds the missing body parts of all the creature’s victims. But they are chased out before swiping any hard evidence. The gang regroups outside, and Xavier turns up for added support. They end the night at Tyler’s place, where Wednesday tends to his fresh wounds. Unfortunately, the sheriff barges in and catches them all defying curfew.

The sheriff forbids Wednesday from having anything to do with Tyler or the case, for that matter. She returns to Nevermore, where Weems is waiting for her. Wednesday acknowledges her wrongdoings but refuses to apologize. The principal has many reasons to expel her, although Wednesday has one reason not to be expelled. She believes she has been sent to protect Nevermore, showing the principal the drawing that prophesies a showdown between her and Crackstone. Wednesday is subsequently given one last chance.

She then returns to her room to find Enid packing up, stating that she’s had enough. Enid states that she has tried to be friends with Wednesday and help her settle in at Nevermore, but this night has been the final straw. She is left all by herself, just as Goody predicted. Wednesday then takes out a ballerina music box that she stole from the mansion, which belonged to Laurel Gates, Garrett's sister. Inside the box are photographs, suggesting that someone is stalking Wednesday.

Elsewhere, the mayor is seen in a coma at the hospital, and a mysterious figure pulls the plug on the man, subsequently killing him.

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"You want to be alone, Wednesday? Be alone."
-Enid Sinclair to Wednesday Addams


  • In this chapter, it is said that Laurel died 25 years ago. In the next episode, it is said that she died 20 years ago.

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  • Blonde Redhead - Sciuri Sciura

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  • 98% dark chocolate ganache cake

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