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"A classic example of female objectification for the male gaze?"
-Wednesday Addams about her dress

Chapter IV: Woe What a Night is the fourth episode of the first season of the Wednesday series. It aired on the 23rd of November in 2022, on Netflix.


"Wednesday asks Xavier to the Rave'N dance, sparking Tyler's jealousy—but Thing's got something up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Eugene stakes out the cave." - Official summary from Netflix

Plot Summary[]

On Thursday, 7:23 p.m., Thing and Wednesday break in and assess the victims’ bodies. The corpse of Fabian, the homeless man from the Original Pilgrim Meeting House, appears to be missing his left foot. Wednesday pieces her evidence together on a board in her room, realizing that each victim has had one specific body part removed. Enid faints on numerous occasions as Wednesday presents her roommate with the data, as shown when Wednesday tells Thing to fetch the smelling salts again. Wednesday concluded that this monster is collecting trophies as a serial killer would.

In class, all the students are eagerly discussing the upcoming dance, but Wednesday couldn’t be less enthused. She notices those deep scratch marks on Xavier’s neck and follows him to a mysterious spot. The building happens to be Xavier’s makeshift art studio, and inside, Wednesday discovers terrifying paintings of the monster, recognizable by those wide, piercing eyes. She escapes just before Xavier returns, but he is suspicious of her sudden appearance. Fearing her cover has been blown, she is instead pressured into asking him to the dance, which he accepts.

Enid is ecstatic that Wednesday is going to the dance and drags her roommate on a shopping spree. Wednesday isn’t amused by the usual brand shops, but falters in her step when she sees a gothic dress hanging in the antique shop window. On her travels, she bumps into her therapist and then heads over to the sheriff’s office. Wednesday proposes that they work together, but Galpin wants concrete evidence first. Meanwhile, Enid and Lucas decide to help each other out and plan to go to the dance together, with Enid using him to make Ajax jealous.

Meanwhile, Wednesday moves her evidence board into Eugene’s beekeeping quarters. He spots the drawing of the creature. In one of Xavier’s pictures, the monster is seen in a spiraling cave. Eugene knows the exact spot. They head over and discover the monster’s leftovers, bones, and carcasses—even a set of handcuffs and chains. Wednesday also happens to find a claw, swiping that all-important proof. To provide a DNA match, she heads back to Xavier’s and pulls a bloodied rag from his bin. Xavier returns and argues with Wednesday over the accusations. He is adamant that the scratch marks came from his painting since he can bring his artwork to life. Wednesday is surprised that he too can’t control his powers. Xavier orders her to leave.

Wednesday presents the sheriff with her findings, and he is baffled by her quick turnaround. Galpin sends the evidence off for analysis. Elsewhere, Eugene is turned down by Enid when he asks her to the dance. Meanwhile, Bianca and Xavier decide to go to the dance together. With Wednesday no longer going with Xavier to the dance Thing decides to intervene in Wednesday’s love life. He types a note for Tyler and places the invitation in the coffee shop’s tip jar. Eugene and Wednesday planned to stake out the cave that night instead of attending the dance, but Thing’s meddling has put a pause on this.

Tyler turns up at Wednesday’s door, and she rushes to get changed. Thing has also bought her the dress she was eyeing earlier from Uriah's Heap, and she throws the gothic outfit on. Tyler and Wednesday head to the dance, which upsets Eugene. He decides to go to the stakeout alone, despite Wednesday telling him not to.

At the dance, Weems hints at a little more of her bickering past with Morticia, and the students awkwardly interact. Everybody is stunned by Wednesday’s fashionable entrance. Xavier looks beside himself with envy. So does Ajax over Enid and her dance partner Lucas. Xavier decides to explain to Wednesday why he hates Tyler so much. It turns out that at last year’s Outreach Day, Tyler and his friends assaulted Xavier and destroyed his mural. Wednesday confronts her date about this accusation, and he admits that it’s the truth, but he regrets his actions. Wednesday isn’t put off by this news though, seeing Tyler’s remorse. They go back out onto the dance floor, and she dances in an odd and unique manner.

Meanwhile, Xavier upsets Bianca by asking her to siren away his feelings for Wednesday. Lucas and his friends, Jonah and Carter, cause blood to rain down from the sprinklers, destroying everybody’s outfits and fun. Wednesday looks at home in the cascading blood but then remarks that it tastes like paint. The students slip and slide, fleeing the scene. Enid cries in front of Lucas, realizing she was just a pawn in his plan, but Ajax comes to her defense.

Wednesday has another vision, this time of Eugene in trouble. She rushes to his aid, but it’s too late. He witnesses a figure setting fire to the cave and is then chased by the monster. The monster mauls Eugene, presumably to death. With Wednesday finding her naïve friend coated in real blood on the leafy floor and her dorm mom asking Wednesday if Eugene is dead.

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  • 2 unnamed corpses
    • One was in refrigerated door #001.
    • One was in refrigerated door #005.


  • Inez Bloom[1]
  • Bernice


"That thing was a fashion emergency not even lightning could resuscitate."
-Enid Sinclair to Wednesday Addams


  • The red paint spilling onto the unsuspecting Nevermore Academy students and Wednesday's mention of pig's blood pay homage to the 1976 film Carrie.
  • When in the morgue, Wednesday hid in the refrigerated drawer #011.

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  • Tierra Rica - Carmita Jimenez
  • It's a Shame - RAC
  • Goo Goo Muck - The Cramps
  • Physical - Dua Lipa

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  • Punch

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  1. A character by the name Inez is mentioned. In Chapter VI: Quid Pro Woe, her last name is revealed to be Bloom.