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"This is our booth!"
-Carter to Wednesday Addams

Carter is a bully, along with Jonah and Lucas Walker. He works at Pilgrim World. He tried to fight Wednesday on two separate occasions. The first is in Weathervane, and the second is at Pilgrim World.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


In "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe", Carter is first seen walking outside of the Weathervane with Lucas and Jonah when he spots Wednesday in “their booth” from through the window. When they get inside, he and his friends walk up to Wednesday, stating that she was in their booth. After Wednesday startles Lucas, Carter grabs her shoulder and is kneed in the groin by Wednesday. As he goes to punch Wednesday, he misses and instead punches Lucas in the face. He is then used to knocking over Lucas, and he is then shoved to the floor by Wednesday.

Carter, Jonah, and Lucas all show up at the Harvest Festival to hurt Wednesday. They are all carrying baseball bats, with Carter's being made of wood. Wednesday and Tyler run away, and they follow.

In "Chapter III: Friend or Woe", Carter and his friends bully Eugene Ottinger, who vomited on Jonah and Lucas.

In "Chapter IV: Woe What a Night", Jonah and Carter travel to Nevermore Academy with a tanker truck in order to sabotage the prom. They are approached by Lucas, who is reluctant to do this, but Carter and Jonah pressured him to follow through.


He has brown hair and brown eyes. When he is working at Pilgrim World, he is seen wearing an outfit similar to what pilgrims would wear in their time.


He is nice to his friends, as long as they don't like outcasts. He was very abrasive toward Wednesday when he first met her. Despite Lucas warming up to normies, he continues to hate them with a burning passion. This is shown when he mocks Enid after he, Lucas, and Jonah ruined the Rave'N.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


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  • Mortality: Carter does not have supernatural abilities and can easily be killed by ordinary means.


Lucas Walker[]

He and Lucas Walker are friends. They bully outcasts together. In Chapter I, Lucas, Jonah, and Carter walk into Weathervane to find their booth had been taken by Wednesday. Carter grabs Wednesday and then goes to punch her. He missed her and instead punched Lucas. His body is then used to knock Lucas to the ground.


He and Jonah are friends. They bully outcasts together. In Chapter I, Lucas, Jonah, and Carter walk into Weathervane to find their booth had been taken by Wednesday. Carter and Lucas get knocked down by Wednesday. Jonah is infuriated by seeing Wednesday hurt his friends, showing that he cares for them.

Tyler Galpin[]

They used to be friends, but after Tyler became "soft," they stopped hanging out. In Chapter I, Carter dismisses Tyler's attempts to get him and the others to not harass Wednesday.

Wednesday Addams[]

He got beat up by Wednesday on several occasions. In Chapter I, Carter attempts to attack Wednesday after seeing her scare Lucas. He fails and instead gets knocked down to the ground.


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Wednesday Series

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  • Carter means transporter of goods by cart.


  • In the original script, Carter is 16 years old. [1]

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