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Carlos Loyola is an Argentinian-Canadian dancer and choreographer. He teaches and performs the authentic Argentine Tango in Vancouver, promoting the culture of his country through this sensual and sophisticated dance. Carlos Loyola was born in Cordoba, Argentina, where he studied ballet, tango, and modern dance. He became part of the Ballet Official the la Provincia de Cordoba, where he had the opportunity to perform several roles as a soloist and also to choreograph and perform several tangos, which were greatly acclaimed by the audience.

Carlos moved to Canada in 1986 and worked for several ballet companies, including the Ontario Ballet Theater, Theater Ballet of Canada, and the Ottawa Ballet, under the direction of Frank Augustin.

Carlos has been a tango performer for fourteen years. Since giving his first tango performance in Canada in 1986, he has performed in many shows in Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa, and Vancouver. Carlos founded the Argentinean Quebec Association in Montréal, which hosts ``The Tangueria, one of the hot spots to dance tango in Montréal.


Carlos played Señor Cardona in The New Addams Family episode "Morticia's Dilemma".