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Camp chippewa

The entrance to Camp Chippewa

Camp Chippewa is the summer camp Wednesday and Pugsley Addams attended.

When Debbie Jellinsky, The Addams Family's new nanny, suspected that the two elder Addams siblings (especially Wednesday) were suspicious of her advances on Uncle Fester and could possibly interfere with her plans, she hatched a plan to get rid of them. She tricked Gomez and Morticia into believing that their children earnestly wanted to attend a summer camp, and that they should send them as a surprise, not telling them beforehand (saying they would earnestly deny everything). The Addams parents, although unsettled by the thought of their children wanting to attend camp, obliged.

Chippewa is a camp mainly for "privileged young adults". The camp's main population are stereotypical white upper-middle-class children, who throughout the film are shown to be just as stereotypically chipper, arrogant, elitist and obnoxious, which causes great distress to the Addams and strong tensions with the Addams children. There is also seen to be a smaller minority population of "misfits" who don't fit the privileged, chipper white young-adult stereotype. These unhappy campers include Consuela, Esther, Irwin, Jamal, Mordecai, Yang, and the Wheelchair Camper. This contrast is most clearly seen in the Thanksgiving Play, A Turkey Named Brotherhood, with the "normal" campers playing the roll of pilgrims, portrayed as superior and advanced and the "misfit" campers cast as the Native American visitors, which the play portrays as primitive and inferior.

The camp burned down near the end of the movie in a rebellion by the misfit campers, led by Pugsley, Joel Glicker and Wednesday. It is run by Gary Granger and his wife, Becky Martin-Granger. These two, ever cheery and smiling, enforce and embody the "white upper-class" stereotype both personally and through their management of the camp.



  • According to Wednesday, "Chippewa" is a Native American word, which means "orphan."


  • It is well known that Pocahontas lived long before the first Thanksgiving.

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