Camp Addams - Little Doll Lost - King of the Polycotton Blues
Series The Addams Family (animated 1992)
Season 2
Original Airdate October 30, 1993
Written by

Camp Addams: Bill Matheny & Ron Myrick

Little Doll Lost: Bill Matheny

King of the Polycotton Blues: Lane Raichert & Bill Matheny

Teleplay by Camp Addams: Bill Matheny
Story Editors Bill Matheny


Camp Addams: Wednesday, Pugsley, and Thing are excited to go summer camp with N.J. Normanmeyer, but Norman drops them off at Camp Holler, run by D.I. Holler, instead of Camp Holly, which he says is for normal kids. D.I. Holler is strict, treating the camp like the military, but the Addams kids enjoy it, and teach everyone a lesson, including Mr. Normanmeyer.

  • Snappy serves as the kids' canoe in the lake.

Little Doll Lost: Wednesday and Marie put on a carnival for The Addams Family. When Lurch launches Marie off the high-striker, she is presumed lost in the fireplace. Wednesday blames Lurch so he offers to serve in the doll's place. After a series of embarrassing playtime activities, she says Lurch is no Marie. He finds the doll unscathed and all is forgiven.

King of the Polycotton Blues: When Norman Normanmeyer's "Addams Alert" bell wakes N.J., he asks his parents why they can't leave The Addams Family alone. Norman and Normina then sing a blues song explaining why they hate the Addams Family. A harmonica solo continues playing over the credits, reminiscent of Roseanne.


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